Genus names of Grasses

This quiz is about biology and biological things like grass and stuff. And grass terms. This quiz pertains specifically to my class, though you may find it interesting.

Most people aren't grass experts and are unfamiliar with genus names and other terminology. That's okay, just do your best. If you have an interest in this field of study, you may learn a thing or two after checking the answers.

Created by: Cindy

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  1. What grass has the genus name of "Elymus canadensis"?
  2. What is the Genus name of Kentucky Bluegrass?
  3. What is the defining characteristic of Foxtail Barley/Hordeum jubatum
  4. What grass has the genus name "Muhlenbergia cuspidate"
  5. What is the genus name of Blue Grama grass, the grass that looks like false eyelashes.
  6. Smooth Brome has the genus name _____________
  7. What is the common name of Oryzopsis Hymenoides
  8. What is the genus name of Canary Reed Grass
  9. What is the genus name of Crested Wheatgrass?
  10. What is the common name of stipa viridula

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