general knowledge

Nobody knows everything. Only a small amount of people have over 90% of IQ. Don't worry though, you know things that some people don't! Some things are easy, but some things are hard.

But how much do you know? How much attention do you pay to little details? Find out with this quiz! I created this as my easy quiz of general knowledge, and was made from things in my mind, as well as some things from my parents friends.

Created by: springtrap?

  1. What do you get when you mix red and yellow?
  2. Are polar bears fur white?
  3. What shape is a rugby ball?
  4. Who is running for American president 2016 and winning? (this is the 30th of January 2016 and I live in Newport but this is what is happening so far.)
  5. What is the BIGGEST mountain in the world?
  6. Who won the last rugby union world cup 🏆 2015?
  7. Who was Butch Cassidy's partner?
  8. What is the most famous species of extinct bird?
  9. What is the worlds longest river?
  10. Name the 7th planet from the Sun.
  11. Which monster from Greek Mythology has several heads?

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