Futurama Basic Questions

Enjoy this quiz its just basic futurama questions really shouldnt be hard at all I mean a monkey that has cable could probably pass it...I mean enjoy Okay also this paragraph has to be really long and I have nothing else to say and Im sure people just want to take the quiz not read a book..geez

This quiz creator wanted a two paragraph description of the quiz I tried copy/pasting the example but believe it or not the thing wouldnt let me! So once again enjoy the quiz..same as above so this time im just going to press h a bunch of times and see if the "quiz master" will let me post this dang thing...okay I pressed h a bunch of times and the thing said "error you cant press excessive letters to fill your paragraph" I dont think this thing will ever let me post!!

Created by: Bethany of Myspace
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  1. Where is Leela's home planet?
  2. What is Amy's last name
  3. Where did Bender and Fry meet
  4. Who took over Professor Farnsworth's company
  5. What is Dr. Zoidberg's first name
  6. What was Hermes olympic sport
  7. Who is Amy's long term boyfriend
  8. What is my favorite episode
  9. What is Leela's pet's name
  10. What is Fry's brothers name

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