Funny Political Quiz

The quiz is silly, but hopefully it scores you accurately. Are you liberal, progressive, moderate, libertarian, or conservative? Based upon goofy versions of everyday life (mostly), this thing took me like an hour to do, but I think that the answers match the associated ideology. It's not hard to figure out, and I do make fun of some people, but it's not personal at all!

Where do you stand politically? Are you liberal... care about others, and like the government to help society out financially? Are you progressive... you also like the government to spread wealth around, but like to have some autonomy to make decisions? Are you a wishy washy moderate who doesn't really sway either way? Are you a crazy libertarian who are pro-weed but also pro-gun and believe in free market capitalism? Are you a conservative who lives their lives according to their religious beliefs and also believe in low taxation (especially for the rich) and big business society?

Created by: bjr
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  1. Jimmy gets caught with a bag of medical marijuana. He has no prescription. He also has tacos.
  2. Jamal buys a boat and finds out that it has several defects. He calls the seller and explains the situation. The seller tells him to get lost.
  3. Abigail is caught trying to steal a book from a local library. She's sentenced to 130 days of community service followed by 30 more days of probation.
  4. Billy and Timmy start up a nice lemonade stand. Billy does most of the work, makes the drinks, etc. Timmy only makes the sign. Who should get more of the profit?
  5. Antonella goes to biology class, and is told by the instructor that she has to consider that evolution might be fact. Antonella, a devout Catholic, tells him that she believes in creationism. The teacher belittles her.
  6. You get on a plane and there's a crying baby. You sit right beside it and it screams at you.
  7. Shondra votes for the same party all the time, regardless of what the candidate stands for.
  8. Pepe Longstockings scores the final goal of the World Cup and invites you to a party to celebrate.
  9. Reggie wants to represent the U.S. boxing team at the Olympics. Reggie is currently not a U.S. citizen.
  10. A powerful storm rips through Los Angeles leaving thousands with out shelter, food, electricity, etc. The president asks for volunteers to go help out.
  11. You're looking forward to this awesome movie. You go to your favorite spoiler site, only to find out that the government is now blocking it for some reason.
  12. Lance and a bunch of his friends decide to go on strike at the car dealership that you own. How do you deal with it?
  13. You get a crappy cable package that only has History channel and one other option. What channel do you choose as the optional one?
  14. You see an alien at the mall. What do you say to it?
  15. When you go to do laundry at a public facility, you notice that the guy before you left a roll of quarters behind. What do you do?
  16. Lance is unemployed and basically does nothing all day. The U.S. decides to invade someone. What should he do?
  17. There's a big trial on t.v. Your favorite news channel claims the guy is innocent, despite the evidence that seems to contradict their opinion. What matters more to you?
  18. LAST QUESTION. Bush or Obama, who was better?

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