friendships never last- part 1

you are concidered one of the most prettiest girls in school you have brown curly hair but you mostly straighted it so much that some dont know its curly

this is.. kinda my first so give.. me some slack and no bad comments ok? i really hope you enjoy this and i thought long and hard on doing this and im still not sure so if no mare than 10 views then im not doing a part two

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. i wake up in a room.. all one else here around me..i i stand up in astonishment as i see what is ahead of me. i back up into the wall,slides down on the floor and puts my head down. i sigh."what did i just get myself into?"
  2. ok i think i should explain what happened.. lets start to go to about..4 days ago
  3. i wake up.. i sense somthing is gonna happen today..but what th heck what should i worry about! i need to get ready for school. you get dressed in your best outfit in your closet and pick out your best outfit
  4. you go downstairs and you sit aat the table and your mom comes into the room and sets down your favorite breakfast on the table. you gobble it up..suddenly you are full and you turn around and your mom stands up and looks at you oddly.."____! why are you dressed up like that dont you knoww today is prom! go upstairs and change into your beautiful dress i bought you!".your mouth drops completely forgot that today was your prom..
  5. you dash up the stairs and start to put on the dress.. when you are almost down the stairs yu hear your boyfriend,ryan, coms in the house.. you hear him say"hey___ are you almost ready!" you dont have time to answer but you hear your mom answer for you. after you are done puting on the dress you suddenly notice you look good in blue. you bend down and look in your jewerly bow and pick out a beautiful necklace and beautiful walk down the stairs and see ryan standing there in astonishment.. you do too as you sit there as you look at your boyfriends beautiful green eyes and you rub your fingers through your boyfriends beautiful dark brown(almost black)hair. you smile then you take a few pictures and head to the car.
  6. you almost get in a car when you see ryan frowning" what"you say.. you suddenly look where he was looking and you feel dumb as you spot a big limo pull into your driveway. you dumbfoundly gets in the limo and you get all excited. then you rember you promised your friend zoey and her date,nick, a ride to the prom. you studder as you try to tell him but he stopps you. he tells you to look out the window and you do. then you notice you told him already.. you stop at your friends house and luckily they were both on the rest of the way you two sit in the car making jokes at the girls who walk past wearing the sluttiest dresses ever you hear nick whispering to zoey"they look they could be on a show called whores on the priarie".. i slap his leg playfully and say whispering and that comment wasnt nice..
  7. you look at ryan and you see he is looking down.. so you pull him into another part of the limo and you ask him whats wrong he says " i know they are your..and my friends but i kinda just wanted it to be just me and you.. us..together..alone" you stop him there. you scoot as close as you can and you whisper into his ear. you say" we are now" then you feel the limo stop and the driver says we are here. you and ryan gets out the limo,pissed yet excited
  8. you get there and you sit down as zoey and nick hit the dance floor.ryan has been scared ever since he heard the song blood on the dance floor by michael you didnt force him to sat there and laughed the whole time.. then the slow dance came. ryan stands up and pulls out your chair then he says "i know you always wanted to slow dance..but you looked past my fear and accepted the fact that you couldnt. but today its time i look past it and face my fear.. so you two get up and dance.. you stand on the floor dancing like the best ones in the room..and then everyone in the room puts their hands up. you hear a couple of screams and a gun shot
  9. two guys com in the room carrund guns and has mask on.. but is wearing a tux..he holds the gun out and points it towards you and says"hay babe come with me and you wont get hurt!" but ryan shakes his head no but i push him back"dont worry, i got this covered ill do what they say i promise i will come back!justpromise me one thing" i see him shake his head yes and a tear rolls down his cheek "stay faithful to me always..if i die do move on..ill always bee with you,go have kids and a wife and know ill live in your heart" the the gunman laughs and tosses me to the floor.. then zoey..then they toss the most popular girl in school down there with me
  10. three days passed and i was help prisoner.. only me because suddenly found out i had powers out of nowhere when i got pissed when a guard tried to rape us.. i threw fire at the guard.. of coure i had to hear sarah (popular girl) whine "in stuck in here with these loosers" or"i just wanted to be pretty" anyways only i got locked up and now im by myself
  11. *back in present time again* i feel around for a door.. i fing one but its locked.. i look around in my pockets ( they gave them different clothes to wear)for somthing to light up the room i suddenly found matches and a lollipop stick so you set that on fire but the fire doesnt burn up the stick.. then the door opens and two guys stand there. one has brown hair and hazel eyes while the other has completely black hair with voilet eyes.. both with the best bodies ever they lead you out the room and the one with those beautiful voilet eyes whispers "we are here to help we have both your friends and i'll expain everything later" you silently laugh at the thought of sarah being your friend but now was not the time for laughter..for this is only the beginning
  12. this was for fun bbut if you like ill contenue

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