screw the nether

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Thread Topic: screw the nether

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    zilla Novice
  • yeah! Nether :3
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    Storse123 Novice
    its deep under ground past the bedrock (continue it if you want)
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    You know what, screw the nether!

    (f--- that s---, storse.)
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    *facepalm* that was the weirdest (epicest) ever i've seen
  • Minecraftxpro Newbie
    But don't dig straight down you'll regret that but now you fell brave equipped with your spade to roam in these caves.
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    absol heart Experienced
    i wouldn't really consider it "new"
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    Donotdisturb Novice
    same here
  • same here
    [no urls]
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    Luv myself Novice
    Not looking for gold
    This stuffs purple
    Or so I've been told
    By some people
    I'll find a few bricks
    Where the two of these mix
    With a couple of clicks
    I'll be swinging my pick

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