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    Eggaly Junior
    Flowering heart
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    :3 yep
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    Emowoman Novice
    Hi Eggaly
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    The moon burns, as if about to decay
    And sinks into the dawn.

    With a constructed face, I draw closer quietly,
    Dropping believers into the darkness.

    Like pray tied up in a web,
    I keep looking up to the sky.

    A repeating tragedy, a hidden face laughing ominously,
    I'll draw this blade, so that I wont lose anything more.

    Bury your sullied smile into the darkness,
    Unleash your anger, that has no place to go!
    How much blood and tears have to flow...
    Cut through as if offering a prayer;
    Staining everything in red again!

    Fleetingly scattering, the voice of my soul,
    Is burned onto my ears, where it gnaws away at me.

    The strength to revolve against twisted love,
    And my true face, which hides my weakness.

    Black rain comes flowing down and I stand alone with drenched cheeks.
    I'll pull this trigger, so that nothing more will be taken from me

    Scream your heart's voice, up to the sky
    Release a light, free of uncertainty!
    How many lives have to be played with...
    Make a wish and shoot it through;
    Staining everything in red again

    Beneath a sky coated and hardened with lies,
    This life was cast down upon birth
    Even if you struggle until you lose your mind,
    The gentle world, is out of reach.
    Drive out a poison by another!
    Liar Mask!!!

    Drowned in pleasure, the gears continue to go insane,
    So that it can't move nothing more,
    – Risking this life - I'll put an end to it all...!

    Bury your sullied smile into the darkness,
    Unleash your anger, that has no place to go!
    If I can make it out of the labyrinth of sorrow...
    I'll perceive everything, even my penalty...

    Carve beats of courage, again and again in the sky,
    Release a light with hope in you

    Clue: Akame, Tatsumi and Kurome
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    Monochrome kiss?
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    I will reveal it-Liar Mask from Akame Ga Kill!

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