Anybody like sims?

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Thread Topic: Anybody like sims?

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    Desire Novice
  • greg house Newbie
    sims is fun you can make movie characters on sims thats one of my favorite things to do.
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    StarLight2424 Newbie
    im obsessed with all of the sims. If you want to see vids, youtube thehontry1!
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    RandomRebekah Novice
    I luuuuuurve the sims! I'm currently playing sims 3 and it's epic. I'm saving up for Sims 3 pets. It's better on the computer than on wii, ds...Whatever
  • Werewolfzoey Novice
    I like sims!!
  • SilverMoon8 Newbie
    i know lots of people like sims but i find it pretty boring
  • Blue_Heart Newbie
    I like the sims. It gets annoying when it jams though..
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    dragon Junior
    i kinda..LOVE IT!spacially smis 3.i made one that became a rock star(if you make them work in the theater for a long time they become).and always a big black bus came over him any place he and his family wanted to go.and everyone liked him!i had so much fun with this family!
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    Kirby Novice
    f--- yeah! :D
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    skatterbrain Experienced
    i play sims on facebook and love it :D anyone else play it on facebook and need a neighbor?
  • The Sims is one of the best games ever created :D
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    Moyashi Senior
    I have Sims 3 for PC.........It's sooooo fun! :O
    My friend has the Sims 2 for PC. The people look so cute. :3
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    SWAGGIRL Novice
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    IcyDesignns Junior
    OMG I LOVE SIMS I HAVE ALL THE SIMS1 & SIMS2 AND I HAD SIMS3 ORIGINAL UNTIL MY LAPTOP FELL & MY DVD BROKE ): But Since It's My Birthday , & i Asked For Sims3 & Promise Not To Break It , I MIGHT GET IT ! WHOOO HOOO !!!!!
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    dragon Experienced
    the sims 3 is the best one!i had sims 2 and sims 2 the stories and pets..none of them was as good as sims 3!

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