Someone please explain Five Nights at Freddy's 4 for me!

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Thread Topic: Someone please explain Five Nights at Freddy's 4 for me!

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    Br0wnieBunny Hot Shot
    So I'm into the FNAF fandom, got 2 OCs, everything's good in the good and I get a clear grasp of the general storyline of the first three games. However, with this one, FNAF 4, I'm still very confused about the general storyline/plot and characters.

    My very first question is: Who is Fredbear? I'm very confused about this character. Is he Freddy? Is he Golden Freddy? Is he the mascot of a rival company/diner? And about him biting that kid during the party? Who is Fredbear?

    Also, the kids with the masks on. Who are they? Some of the friends of the sibling of the kid you play as?

    What time does this game take place? Like, what?

    Please explain to me, answer these questions. I know this game hasn't been out long, though people who know about it, could you help me out, please?
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    LuckyFirefly Senior
    There's a lot to cover for simple games, but Game Theory on youtube has a lot of cool videos that explain a lot of the plot leading up to 4, including the bite of 87 and all that.
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    1714 Experienced
    Google is the force, you must use the force.
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    LuckyFirefly Senior
    ^that too, there's lots of theories out about the new game already
  • Grace_Fire Newbie
    these are my theories

    Answer 1: fredbear is the other mascot since the things got on fire and wore put in a sale thing and someone fix him and made a diner for him and at the time it was 1983 not 1987 so fredbear coused the bite of 83.

    Answer 2. Yes they are friend of the sibling

    Answer 3. It take place at 1983
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    hadesman101 Novice

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