RPG-Maker Games?

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Thread Topic: RPG-Maker Games?

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    germanmade Novice
    I've played:

    -Ao Oni
    -The Witch's House
    -Corpse Party
    -Mad Father

    I'm currently playing Misao! It's really good.

    Do YOU play any?
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    StitchedHeart Novice
    I had RPG Maker 2 on PS2. I always thought no one cared about that series xD
  • Tropical_Isle Newbie
    Ao Oni is an RPG Maker game?! Yes!
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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot
    Mad Father is awesome. It's my ultimate favorite.

    I've played Ib, but I've watched Pewdiepie play The Witch's house, Ao Oni, Misao, and Mad Father.
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    firegirl88 Advanced
    I've played Ib and Ao Oni, I'm looking for Corpse Party.

    I've seen gameplay of Mad Father, The Witch's House and Misao.

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