How can anyone not like Hiccup?

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Thread Topic: How can anyone not like Hiccup?

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    Dulcinea Novice
    Okay, I am a big fan of How to Train Your Dragon (much thanks to Rtte) and so are most of my brothers, but they don't like Hiccup. At all.
    How is this possible?!
    Hiccup is my favorite character (next to Toothless of course) and I don't understand how anyone could not like him. It can't just be "because I'm not a girl" So what is it? And surely there are boys who like Hiccup too right?!
    My question is do you like Hiccup? (And I do NOT mean like like, but do you appreciate his character?)
    If not, why?!
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    Dulcinea Novice
    Also, what do you think about Hiccup's beard in the new movie?
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    Dulcinea Novice
    (Personally, I don't like it. At all. It looks too...idk fake. And...wierd. XD
    Also Fishlegs' mustache?! I know they wanted to make them look older, and it was common for Vikings, but still. XP )
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    Deadlock Junior
    I've Seen The First Movie And I Liked His Character.
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    And yes I absolutely love and adore and practically worship Hiccup and I have the most enormous crush on him because he's hands-down the cutest and badassest Viking in the entire archipelago, and that's just fact. and yes, I'm a girl.

    Second of all, how have you seen Race to the Edge and never talked to me gurl???? WE NEED TO FANGIRL TOGETHER PRONTO GODDAMMIT

    I personally don't hate Hiccup's beard, but is a little odd to see on him, idk. But yeah, Fishlegs' mustache pisses me off.

    But I actually remember almost melting the first time I ever saw HTTYD2, because H is just so...well...a ladies' man, I guess :P That moment when he takes off his helmet for the first time was a major shock factor xD
    And I totally developed a crush on him in S3 of RttE and haven't looked back since. part of me actually doesn't want to ship Hiccstrid because I kinda want H for myself lmao
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    My entire life summed up in one meme
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    Dulcinea Novice
    Glad to hear it @Deadlock
    But ONLY THE FIRST ONE?! You have been missing out my friend.

    @Hiccstrid Yes!! Need To Fangirl!!!
    LOVE HTTYD!!!!....maybe too much XD (Mainly because of Race to the edge)
    Lol, but Hiccup and Astrid are so perfect together! XD (still hear you though ;P)
    And yes, odd as it is, I could get used to a bearded Hiccup, but Fishlegs.... no.
    Can't wait to see the new movie!!
    (Probably won't till July though....or whenever it comes out on Netflix)
    I'm sure it will be the best of the three.
  • Bok_Choy Newbie
    I love this show!

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