Whats your favorite sport?

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Thread Topic: Whats your favorite sport?

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    Ironbutterfly Junior
    Rugby, and football and American football.
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    SecretLie5 Novice
    Basketball, volleyball, and football! Who don't?!?!
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    Sparrow Rispa Novice
    My favorite is Uzmikcha. :D

    Oh, but in this world, soccer is rather appealing.
  • rockgirl08 Novice
    horse riding, netball and hockey
  • Infinity Novice
    Soccer, Volleyball. Street hockey..?
  • cool boy Newbie
  • fizzy0918 Newbie
    Horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, running! Love them all!
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    Sports19 Junior
    Wow. This is kinda an old thread considering I made it in the begining of August and the last post was October 24 ._.
  • Kepler Novice
    Fencing. ^_^
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    FireSoul Experienced
    Archary, canoeing, hiking, horse riding, soccor
  • horse back riding mainly show jumping but also eventing and dressage and cross country. (yes i do know eventing is show jumping, cross country, and dressage but i like to do them separately at home and at shows and for fun sometimes)
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    Flight Junior
    @Kepler - YESH. FENCING IS AWESOME. =D I love it so much!
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    SWAGGIRL Novice
    Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball. c:

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