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    Keyboard Junior
    Have you heard of the butterfly project? Basically it’s when you draw butterflies on your arm. Each butterfly represents a person you love, and each time you cut, one of your butterflies dies.

    I thought this might help?

    “Your skin's not paper, don't cut it
    Your body's not a book, don't judge it.
    Your neck's not a coat, don't hang it.
    Your life's not a movie, don't end it.
    To the 1% who reads this, Love yourself.”
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    The Geek Expert
    what if you don't have any butterflies to draw
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    Keyboard Junior
    Then I’ll be one of your butterflies :)
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    Same here!
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    CatLover97 Novice
    Thanks for posting this Some people really need it (Even meee D:

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