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    Waffle Kitty Advanced
    Angelically Fallen

    **TW (mention of ab*se)**
    C1 is your ordinary teenage boy/girl who lives in the peaceful side of an average-sized city. During their childhood, they would often run off into the woods in their backyard to escape the reality of the domestic abuse occurring in their household. Growing up, C1 was quite lonely, so they made up an imaginary friend- a blonde-haired angel girl of the same age.

    Eventually, C1’s parents separated and they no longer had to cope with the domestic violence they had always known. After the release of such pressure, C1 decided they no longer needed imaginary friends and finally had the confidence to go out and meet the other children in their neighborhood.

    It didn’t take long for C1 to meet C2 who would later become their best friend.

    About ten years later, C1 and C2 decide to explore the woods again. The nostalgic feeling overwhelms C1 and they start to get emotional when suddenly they hear a voice. C1 and C2 follow the sound to find a girl with blondes standing between the trees. Adorned on her back are a pair of angel’s wings.

    It’s C3, the imaginary friend.

    Character Sheet
    ♡ Full Name:
    ♡ Nickname(s):
    ♡ Gender:
    ♡ Sexuality:
    ♡ Age:
    ♡ Birthday:
    ♡ Likes:
    ♡ Dislikes:
    ♡ + Traits:
    ♡ - Traits:
    ♡ Appearance:
    ♡ Style:
    ♡ Other:

    C3 Character Sheet
    ♡ Full Name: Angel
    ♡ Nickname(s): N/A
    ♡ Gender: Female
    ♡ Sexuality: Unknown
    ♡ Age: Unknown
    ♡ Birthday: Unknown
    ♡ Likes: nature, singing, humming, whistling, breezes, animals, really hot weather
    ♡ Dislikes: being insulted or ignored, lying
    ♡ + Traits: kind, sweet, caring, sympathetic
    ♡ - Traits: jealous, stubborn, clingy
    ♡ Appearance: light blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin, small angel wings
    ♡ Style: wears a short, ragged white dress and nothing else
    ♡ Other: is dedicated to her morals

    Please, ask to join first! I will be taking the role of C3, but C1 and C2 are open.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Can I join as C3?
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    Waffle Kitty Advanced
    Please, ask to join first! I will be taking the role of C3, but C1 and C2 are open.

    I am too attached, so it is forbidden-
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Oops sorry, I meant C2! I think that was a misclick or something 😅
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    Waffle Kitty Advanced
    Of course! Just create your sheet. The characters are around 15-17 years old by the way.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    ♡ Full Name: Vinz Jackson
    ♡ Nickname(s): None
    ♡ Gender: Male
    ♡ Sexuality: Gay
    ♡ Age: 16
    ♡ Birthday: October 29th
    ♡ Likes: Skateboarding, cold weather, pepsi, music, breaking rules, art
    ♡ Dislikes: Authority figures, getting caught, being falsely accused, fighting without a reason
    ♡ + Traits: Honest, loyal, protective, strong, resilient
    ♡ - Traits: Critical, no filter, disrespectful, stubborn
    ♡ Appearance: Messy black hair, olive eyes, bronze skin
    ♡ Style: All black clothes, with golden accesories (necklace, earrings, studded belt, etc) and black nails. His shirt usually has the insignia of whatever band he's into at the moment
    ♡ Other: The coolest boy, but he's got a soft spot for friends so don't be intimidated
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    Waffle Kitty Advanced
    Adore your character <3
    Now we just need a C1, lol
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    Eggaly Novice
    I'll join if no one else will
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    Waffle Kitty Advanced
    If you want to join, go ahead. Don’t worry about it if you’re not really interested. I could ask Keyboard to join.
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    Eggaly Novice
    I do want to join but I just don't want to annoy you guys with my responses
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    Waffle Kitty Advanced
    We won’t be annoyed with responses, lol. You are entirely welcome to join.
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    Eggaly Novice
    Okay then can I join
    (That question has become mandatory)
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    Waffle Kitty Advanced
    Of course!
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    Eggaly Novice
    ♡ Full Name: Norman fields
    ♡ Nickname(s): doorman
    ♡ Gender: male
    ♡ Sexuality: demiromantic
    ♡ Age: 17
    ♡ Birthday: July 15th
    ♡ Likes: rock music, comedy movies and sitcoms, robotics and Segways
    ♡ Dislikes: war, pop music, popular kids and his mom (the abusive parent)
    ♡ + Traits: friendly, kind, funny and extroverted
    ♡ - Traits: loud, obnoxious, rude and has minor anger issues
    ♡ Appearance: short brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin and a small tattoo under his eye
    ♡ Style: tank top with band logo and shorts
    ♡ Other: he's not as angsty as he sounds
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    Waffle Kitty Advanced
    Eggaly, since your character is sort of the focus at first, are you comfortable with starting us out? We’ll start when C1 and C2 are walking through the woods.
    Kat will go after you, then me since I’m playing the angel, lol.

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