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    katqueen45 Senior
    Anyone remember Deadless?
    Yeah, I'm gonna make another roleplay where I roleplay on my own 👍👌

    Sorry to those who might've gotten excited at the title and wanted to join, but I thought making another roleplay, except like.. with myself (xD) would be a good way to hash out Arwyn's backstory.

    Anyways, I'm gonna make the character sheets for her old teammates in a bit

    Character sheet (yes, I did copy and paste the character sheet from the original wotstw roleplay, I'm lazy okay)
    Reason for going on quest:
    Looks (face and outfit):
    Weapon/s (if any):
    Pet/s (if any):
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    katqueen45 Senior
    (Crap, I know making these characters and hashing them out are gonna hurt since I know they're gonna f---ing DIE-)

    Name: Jord
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Species: Half-siren
    Reason for going on quest: World peace (cheesy, I know)
    Looks: He has pastel pink hair and baby blue eyes. He always has on a flower crown of some sort, and he wears white clothes that mysteriously always stays clean
    Personality: Soft and innocent. He's shaky and frightened of everything, and has a childlike curiosity.
    Powers/abilities/skills: His voice can either lull someone to sleep, cause someone great discomfort and pain, heal someone, or make someone do his bidding
    Fears/weaknesses: His voice can only affect a maximum of 5 people since he's only half siren
    Weapon/s: He's a bard so he carries around small instruments (his signatures are a lyre and a flute), but they don't really count as weapons oof
    Pet/s: Animals (mostly birds and butteflies) flock around him, his singing has a small effect on people but a huge effect on woodland creatures, and they usually crowd around him as he goes
    Other: This baby angel boi is a disney princess, plz protect
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Quill
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Elf
    Reason for going on quest: Knowledge
    Looks: This guy is hella short. Like.. 3'11. He has dark grayish-brown hair and wild green eyes. Quill wears circular glasses and drapey attire
    Personality: Talks alot, and talks fast. He mostly mutters though. He's smart, but he's also very chaotic and loves taking risks. Quill is the perfect balance of rogue and scholar
    Powers/abilities/skills: Good at shooting arrows, immune to basically everything, heals quickly
    Fears/weaknesses: If a wound is deep enough that he can't self heal quick enough, he can bleed to death
    Weapon/s: Bow and arrows
    Pet/s: A scorpion named Arrowhead
    Other: Why did I think this was a good idea, gosh darn he dies so gruesomely
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Faber Drakya
    Gender: Nonbinary (goes by they/them or she/her)
    Age: 20
    Species: Dragon
    Reason for going on quest: Wants to resurrect her brother
    Looks: Light gray scaley skin, eyes that have black sclera and yellow pupils. Their hair is white with tufts of gray. Their figure is slightly muscular, and they wear loose pants coupled with long sleeved shirts. Faber has a humanoid form, but their humanoid form has a tail, wings, and claws. Of course in their dragon form they can become a full dragon
    Personality: Gruff and stoic. They are the strong silent type who doesn't like being vulnerable emotionally or physically. They are secretly very sensitive
    Powers/abilities/skills: They can breathe fire (in both forms) and has enhanced strength and speed. They are also very good with all types of weapons
    Fears/weaknesses: Their parents terrify them, Faber is traumatized just thinking about it. Faber also hates thunder and loud noises, but would never admit it
    Weapon/s: As much as they can carry dude
    Pet/s: Nope
    Other: They're all gonna f---ing die, I gotta remind myself to not get attached T-T
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Ma'Tonzi Castill
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Species: Fairy
    Reason for going on quest: To rejoin a fairy family (a flock??)
    Looks: Very small, like hand sized. She is based off of the angel trumpet flower, so her skin is light green but her dress is white yellow and pink (her clothes are attached to her, yes) and she has completely yellow eyes. She emits a glow, especially noticeable at night time.
    Personality: Ma'Tonzi is the sweetest, and is very softspoken and shy. She probably won't even speak unless you directly ask her a question
    Powers/abilities/skills: Flight (obviously), and major healing powers. She can heal most wounds, unless the wound was brought on by a powerful magical creature (ex: a vampire, a werewolf, a sea monster, something old and classic that has been around in legends for a long time) and minor nature magic
    Fears/weaknesses: She's a f---ing fairy, squish her and it's a done deal bro (okay no but seriously, water will make her unable to fly until her wings dry off)
    Weapon/s: None
    Pet/s (if any): None (they'd probably eat her oof)
    Other: Omg (spoiler alert) this is like the only one who doesn't f---ing die other than Arwyn of course
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Gwendolith Vanshire
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Species: Fae
    Reason for going on quest: To look after her little sister
    Looks: Curly white hair that's usually in a long braid, black eyes (not like all black, she still has the whites of her eyes) basically an older looking version of Arwyn, but with longer hair
    Personality: Protective and loyal. She's great at building and roughing it out in the wild
    Powers/abilities/skills: Average fae magic, can cast spells that mostly center around nature and earth, can heal plants and animals
    Fears/weaknesses: That her sister will become too broken, that they will die on this quest, that her brother will die before they have time to finish the quest, that the wizard is only a legend
    Weapon/s: A intricately carved dagger, along with many small knives and throwing stars
    Pet/s: A little sister is basically a pet amirite-
    Other: This hoe gon DIE
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Rowena Vanshire (popularly known as Arwyn)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Species: Fae
    Reason for going on quest: To get a cure for her brother, Tyrion
    Looks: Short white curly hair, normal black eyes, regular attire with many belts and loops
    Personality: Bright, daring, bold, not hesitant to kill, unpredictable, wild, crazy, fun to be around
    Powers/abilities/skills: She was born with some major badassery fae magic. Can cast many spells, (even those usually restricted for only witches or mages,) can talk to animals, can heal plants and animals. She's also really good at building and welding things
    Fears/weaknesses: Ha! None! The only thing she's concerned about that could be considered a fear is losing her brother. And of course if you stab her she'll get hurt, she's not indestructible
    Weapon/s: A sword that she made herself, and a chain with a hook at the end (kusarigama)
    Pet/s: A snake named Oasis (finally I get to include Oasis, this snake is my baby uwu)
    Other: I'll draw everybody later, don't you worry
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Don't know how the heck I'm gonna start this lol

    Posting order:
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Rowena wiped her eyes as she entered the hallway. She had been crying, but she hoped it wasn't that obvious. "You all set to go?" She asked her older sister, Gwen. "I should be asking you that, I'm the oldest," Gwen said, ruffling Arwyn's curly white hair.

    "This was my idea," Arwyn reminded Gwen as she checked her reflection in one of the many mirrors of their big place. It was dark, and very late. They were planning to sneak out without the butlers or maids noticing. Their parents were asleep, of course.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Gwen rolls her eyes. "Come on, everyone's waiting for us," Gwen says, motioning for Arwyn to follow her. They sneak through the hallways, sticking close to the shadows.

    There were a few moments that they thought they were gonna get caught, when someone would pass by them and they had to quickly duck behind a sculpture or vase. They finally reach the first floor, and open one of the many windows to stealthily shimmy out.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Jord, Ma'Tonzi, and Quill patiently waited for Rowena and Gwen to come to their meeting place, which is the large garden at the back of their large home. Jord is humming softly, which calms everyone's nerves even though he wasn't full throttle singing.

    Jord adjusts the flowers adorned atop his head as butterflies begin to slowly flock around him as he hummed. He smiles at them gently. Jord spots movement ahead of them and he stops humming, which in turn returns everyone's nerves and has them immediately cautious and on edge.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Ma'Tonzi flutters around nervously. She knew her glow would probably be a dead giveaway for the people heading towards them. What if Rowena and Gwen got caught?! What if security were on their way to lock them up for trying to sneak away the two Vanshires?

    She breathes a sigh of relief to see that it was only Ro and Gwen, though. She flies over to Ro and gives her a big hug on the side of her face. Rowena laughs and swats her away gently. "I missed you too, Monz," Rowena says.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    (Swapping Faber and Quill)
    Quill is in his own little world. Ever since arriving, he'd been insisting that Ma'Tonzi stay close to him, but only so he could use her as a light source as he was writing down his notes that he took on.. well .. everything.

    Right now he was sketching out the Vanshire mansion and labeling it. He had drawn some of the many plants in the garden as well, nodding and muttering as he recited all the information he knew about the vegetals. "You guys have a lovely garden," he managed to throw out a compliment at the Vanshire girls at some point during his ramblings.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Faber wanders the night, going God knows where. They had been a little lost ever since that night at their home a few years ago. Now Faber was a wanderer, a drifter, a no-good rogue who'd take on whatever oddjobs Faber could find in order to survive.

    Actually, no, for once Faber had a direction. It started as whispers, but she could hear it clearly in the night air. "Wizard" "witch" "magic" "power" "legendary" "quest", they floated through the winds and somehow landed on Faber's ears. What town was Faber even in again? Oh, right. Ragno.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    "Ragno is a little ways away, but I hear that's the town closest to the start of the quest for the wizard," Rowena whispers, unzipping her bag to reveal Oasis. Gwen gives her a stern look. "I told you, no pets."

    Rowena pouts up at her sister. "You want me to take Oasis all the way back up there and sneak back down here? I'll for sure get caught," Arwyn says. She puts her hands together in a pleading motion and gives her sister puppy dog eyes.

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