~You will be Team S P O T~

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Thread Topic: ~You will be Team S P O T~

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    Maron ducks behind Tara her tail super visible, because of how colourful she is.
    Matteo walks over.
    “ Hey! Maron!i didn’t know you went to beacon as well!” He says excitedly.


    Lillie ducks under the table, her wings knock a lot of stuff off the table.
    Olivia giggles as a boy walks over.
    “...uhm...can my team sit with you guys? The ...other tables are all full.” He says shyly.

    Rachel grins. “ she sure does, I’m Rachel, nice to meet you.” She says to the buff wolf guy.
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Paige looks at the boy. She tries to analyze his personality by what she hears.

    "I'm Peyton." Peyton tried to sound as though as she can.

    Tara is shocked by the fact that Marin is using her as a hiding spot. She blushes slightly.

    Tibbles looks at the boy. Everyone else is looking at him, why not?
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    Lillie shrugs as she comes out from under the table. “ sure I don’t mind.” She says “ is that okay girls.”

    Olivia nods. “ always nice to meet new friends!” She says happily.

    Hunter walks over a little bit later. “ I couldn’t find Andre.” He comments. “ oh hi I’m Hunter..” he says smiling a little.
    “ I’m Olivia.” Olivia introudces.

    Lillie is distracted again.

    Maron meets her eyes. They both flinch.

    Matteo grins. “ nice to meet you ladies, uh...Maron, I can see you. Not that it would matter I’m great at finding in things!” He says happily.

    Rachel raises an eyebrow. Sure in the day she’d known her Maron had been a little flighty but this was too weird.

    “...okay, well I’ll...just go talk to Lil, uh see you later.” He says and he quickly leaves,
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Paige grins "Yeah you can sit with us, we don't have much company." She laughed.

    Tibbles nods her head in agreement. "That would be swell if you would spend your precious time here." She smiled warmly.

    Tara looks at Maron. "It is perfectly okay. You are fine. And safe here." She smiled.

    "Yeah!" Peyton added. "We're here together, as a team. "
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    Maron smiles at Tara and hugs her, oblivious of her feeling.
    Maron then sits down to eat her lunch.
    “ thanks guys...he...he doesn’t know about the incident, and even now I don’t think I’m the right person to tell him,”
    Lillie looked up as two guys sat at the sable, and she dies.
    “ hi!” Matteo says smiling,
    “ I’m Matteo!” He introduces excitedly.
    “I ...know who you are matteo
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    Olivia grins “ I don’t, nice to meet you my name is Olivia.” She says smiling.

    Rachel laughs lightly as she eats her lunch happily.
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Cameron sees Matteo, and gets over to where he is located. He sees the group of girls.

    "Nice to meet ya Matteo, I'm Paige." She smiles.
    "I am Tibbles." She says.

    Peyton munches on her lunch.

    Tara looks at Maron lovingly. "Its okay, we understand." She smiles.
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    ( are maron and tara dating yet?)

    Olivia glances at Lillie.
    “...so you two are friends?” She asked ready to kick the boys off the table, if it came up negatively.

    “ yeah! We were best friends back at school! Then I had to go live with my grandfather here at- s---.” Matteo pales.

    Hunter laughs. “ his grandfather wants him to keep their relation a secret, only person other than those two who know are Cameron.”
    “ and the faculty of course.” Hunter adds.

    Marin smiles shakily, “...I think...the incident is something I want to talk about..if that’s okay.” She asks gently. Unsure of her self.

    Rachel nods. “ course, you’re our leader, you can trust us.” She decides.

    “ ...so if you’re Hunter, and you’re Matteo, you’re either C or A?” Olivia asks smiling.

    Matteo glances at Lillie.
    “ uh, did something happen between you and-“
    “ drop it.” Lillie intterupts.
    “ I’m sorry it’s just-“
    “ Matteo.”
    “ you’ve been avoiding me too and it’s weird and not like you.”
    “...I’ve changed okay!” Lillie snaps.
    Mattel flinches and his ears droop

    “...I’m...I didn’t mean to snap I’m so sorry.” She says
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    Paige_ Advanced
    "I-im Cameron. " he says awkwardly.
    Paige just kinda looks around.
    Tibbles listens to the conversation, weirded out.
    (Maybe one of them asks the other out?)
    "Of course you can. You're safe." Tara smiles.
    "Yeah!" Peyton adds
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    Yee, like at the dance maybe?)

    Hunter grins.
    Lillie sighs as Matteo goes back To his normal loud self.
    Olivia hums as she eats a cupcake.
    “....so Lillie , Matteo and I were all friends. ....but...I don’t want to explain what led up to it, but I threw paint on her wings...no she used her semblances on me.”

    Rachel gasps.
    “Your scar””
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Tara shook her head. "I am so sorry about that." She sighs.
    Peyton gasps. "Stupid Lillie." She mumbles.

    Cameron hides behind Matteo shyly.
    Andre finally finds his team.

    Paige eats her lunch.
    Tibbles also eats her lunch.
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    “ it’s,..it’s all fine now.” She says smiling. “ now I have you guys!”

    Olivia waves at the new comer.
    Hunter throws an arm around him.

    Matteo smiles at Cameron, “ Don't worry Lillie is my friend! And her friends are my friends.”

    Lillie smiles. “...if that’s okay that Is.” She asks.
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Tara and peyton smile
    Cameron says shyly "okay..."
    Andre smiles at Hunter.
    Paige devours her food.
    Tibbles observes their behaviors
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    “ ...honestly though, Matteo isn’t that bad, he was pretty strong before, so fighting him could be educational.” Maron said as she devoured her lunch.

    Lillie laughs and also devours her food.

    Matteo grins at Cameron, and then he notices his grandfather and he sighs.
    “...I think I need to go.” He said as he apologises before running off.

    “ actually, we should all go in around ten minutes, we’re finding out who our mentors will be.”Olivia says shyly.

    Hunter grins. “ personally, I’m hoping for a cool hunter, since I doubt I impressed any professes...but the other guys! Cameron and Matteo were amazing and well andre is always super cool!”

    Lillie hums. “ well...with my style, we skipped over the fighting by simply flying and avoiding danger, but we did take out a king taijitu...” she murmurs,

    “ tibbles did most of the work really.” Olivia says bashfully looking down at her lap.

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