~You will be Team S P O T~

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Thread Topic: ~You will be Team S P O T~

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    Paige_ Advanced
    (I'm just gonna use this account)
    "Ah! Okay!" Paige said. "Sorry. I didn't eat much I'll put it away." She put away her food.

    Tibbles focuses on Ooblecks words. She didn't want another professor thinking badly of her.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Oobleck seems to be subtly favouring team SPOT.

    Olivia is called on a couple of times, and she happily answers. She feels surprisingly confident.
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Paige pays attention. She likes this teacher.

    Tibbles answers all answers with ease, and correctly. She gives a smug glance at Peyton.

    Tara pays attention but does not get called on.

    Peyton gives Tibbles the death glare in return
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    Lillie answers quite a few questions with a decent level of anxiety
    Olivia grins at tibbles happily.
    Rachel starts to reconsider how ‘weak’ Olivia might actually be,

    Maron glares at lillie. She answers questions too.
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Paige answers a couple of correct answers, just not as confidently.

    Tibbles continues to do well.

    Tara quietly listens.

    Peyton is getting upset that team SPOT is doing so well
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    Someone in the back of the class throws a ball directly at Maron, who shields her face.
    The ball doesn’t hit however as a spectral dog catches it and drops it in Lillie’s lap. Lillie pats the dog on the head.

    Maron rolls her eyes, but doesn’t react otherwise. Until the ball is rolled to her feet.
    She glances at it and snorts, “ Someone in this class can’t even discriminate well, you misspelled Faunus!” She mocks reading the writing on the ball,

    Olivia blinks at the exchange as she stands up to see who would be so mean, on the first day of school. It was childish and pathetic. She didn’t understand people like this at all.

    Rachel had been ready to fight whoever had throw the ball when she’d seen it. She hadn’t missed Maron flinching at the dog when she first saw it, but had seen the other Faunus sneakily pat the dog on the heads she wondered how familiar Maron was with Team SPOTS leader,

    Oobleck raised an eyebrow. “ Miss carmine, is there an issue?” He asks as he nyoms to the back of the classroom to question the student.
    “ well sir. It’s jsut-“
    She doesn’t get to finish her tangent before being told she’s getting detention,
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Paige rolled her eyes. Classic human. That girl is so lucky that she aimed for Maron and not one of the members of team SPOT.

    Tara looked back at the student in disbelief. She did not want to cause a scene, so she went with a glare.

    Tibbles closed her eyes and sighed. At least that girl got a detention.

    Peyton whispered to Maron. "That girl is just jealous that we're so much better than humans in every way."
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    Maron grins a little as she nods. “ where the macaroons good?” She asks worriedly,

    Rachel yawns as she suddenly feels super tired. She can’t wait till lunch time.

    Olivia stretches and accidentally smacks the girl behind her with her wings.

    Lillie winces as someone plucks one of her feathers.
    “ woah! Didn’t your mama teach you not to touch a ladies wings without her permission?” A boy says in the back.

    Lillie glances at him...and immediately looks away.
    Maron gasps. Recognising him instantly,
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    Paige_ Advanced
    "Yes, they were." Peyton said.
    Tara rolls her eyes.
    "Don't you ever touch my friends wings again. Do you hear me?" Paige shouted.
    Tibbles looks at Paige.
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    “ I’ll make you some more later!” She says happily. “ what colour did you like the best?” She asks...her attention is on the boy.

    Rachel raises an eyebrow and looks towards the boy, who seems to be some kind wolf Faunus, if the blonde ears on his head are anything to go by,

    Olivia hisses at the people behind her as she snatches lilies feather and tries to give it back to crane b---- whose way too distracted.

    “ it’s...it’s fine. Don’t...don’t worry Paige.” She says as she tries to ignore the boys existence
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    Paige_ Advanced
    "The blue ones." She replied.

    Tara looks at Maron, and noticed she's out of focus.

    "It's not okay!" Paige said. "Don't take this abuse! That only hurts you." Suddenly, she notices the boy, who was a wolf faunus. Paige gets a little teary, as her mother is a wolf faunus.

    Tibbles noticed Paiges sadness. "What's wrong?" She asks.

    "It's just that my mom is a wolf faunus..." Paige replied.

    Tibbles looked confused. She assumed something was up with Paiges mom, but did not ask.
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    The bell goes.
    Maron shakes her head. “...we should go...lunch? Yeah.” She says as she races out of the classroom, not giving the boy time to speak to her,

    Lillie hugs Paige. “ ...we can talk about it...if you’d...if you’d like?” She asks. “ we don’t need too! Don’t worry I’d never make you talk about something you don’t want to...hum we should go to lunch.” She says literally flying out of the classroom as the wolf Faunus approaches.

    His ears droop sadly,

    Rachel blinks. “...I’m guessing they know him?” She asks her team mates.

    Olivia also blinks by quickly follows after her leader, not wanting to be involved in the awkwardness,
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    Paige_ Advanced
    "It's fine. I was just shaken by it. But maybe hes a nice guy. I didn't mean to judge him, it just brought back memories." Paige said.

    Tibbles looked at Paige. "What about your father?" She smiled. Maybe things were better?

    "He is a fox." Paige replied, "And not that much better than my mom." She laughed, trying to get rid of the pain.

    "I see." Tibbles said. "Sorry I asked."

    "Its totally fine. I'm just glad you didn't know my name prior to the team making." She laughed. Paige sat next to Lillie and Tibbles sat next to Olivia.

    Tara follows Maron like a lost puppy. "They might know him." She added.

    "Who cares? I'm hungry let's eat!" She smiled brightly. "Well, what I meant was that if it concerns them, then it doesn't really matter. As long as we are fine." Peyton quietly says.
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    “Matteo citrine.” Marion and Lillie day to their respective groups.

    “ he was my friend before I moved to a haven school.” Maron reveals as she leads the girls to a lunch table.
    “ he...was her friend too. He’s an extremely competent fighter, he likely got his team out of the forest the fastest. That would explain why his ceremony would have been so early that we missed it.” She mutters.

    Lillie raises an eyebrow. “ I knew your name. It’s Paige. Last names don’t matter.” She shrugged. She grins at her friend. “ you’re the coolest Paige I know!” She says cheerfully.

    Lillie flinches when she notices Matteo clearly looking for her and Maron. He wouldn’t know about ...the incident.

    Rachel shrugs and throws an arm around Peyton. “ maybe his team will be good competition?”
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    Paige_ Advanced
    "Yeah, but the fun kind of competition!" Peyton smiles.
    Tara looks at the Matteo, then looks back.
    Paige laughs. If only last names didn't matter to everyone.
    Tibbles nods in agreement at the statement (olivia? lillie?) said

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