The New Gods

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    Isabel Star Advanced
    I'll take the last three then!
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name: Archaios
    Nickname: Archy
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: bi
    Accent: kinda varies
    Parent: Light
    Human Appearance:
    Animal Appearance: a pure white leopard with ice blue eyes
    Magical Appearance: a smale white haired fairy with iridescent wings
    Clothes: loose white shirt and black pants
    Symbols:a large lantern that appears to be made of some type of crystal
    Symbol In Smaller More Portable Form: a necklace with a glowing fire opal
    Symbols In Animal Form: a smaller lantern that he usually will carry around im his teeth, and glowing spots on his back and head
    Powers: can cause objects to glow for short periods of time and light up small areas.
    What The Symbols Do: enhances his light making abilitys to allow him to make himself glow and light up large areas and sometimes will temporarily blind people.
    Personality: Archaios is a little shy but is very playful. He doesnt like seeing other people upset and with often try to help them. He doesnt like fighting, and usually will run away if someone attacks him


    Name: Skotadi
    Nickname: Sko
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: asexual
    Accent: Scottish
    Parent: misery
    Human Appearance:
    Animal Appearance:
    Magical Appearance: (is the size of a large dog)
    Clothes: black hoodie and cargo pants. Usually is barefoot
    Symbols: a black katana with a guard shaped like an eye
    Symbol In Smaller More Portable Form: a necklace with a green eye
    Symbols In Animal form: black metal claws that cover his paws
    Powers: he can cause others to feel pain and sadness, but only for short periods of time.
    What The Symbols Do: he is able to draw out and amplify someone's greatest fears and negative emotions
    Personality: Skotadi doesnt like people very much, and usually avoids talking to others if he can. How ever he is away of how much he looks like a chick and often will use this to his advantage


    Name: Alara
    Nickname: Judge
    Gender: nonbinary but doesnt really give a f--- what you call them
    Sexuality: bi
    Accent: british
    Parent: Justice
    Human Appearance:
    Animal Appearance:
    Magical Appearance: (how much trouble would i be in if i make them turn into sans)
    Clothes: gray t shirt with a black jacket and blue jeans and black boots
    Symbols: a old scale, and a pair of braclets that are covered in runes
    Symbol In Smaller More Portable Form: the scale becomes a gold necklace
    Symbols In Animal Form: bands of golden fur around their front legs and the scale becomes a pattern on their head
    Powers: they can see major events on someones life as long as they are touching the person
    What The Symbols Do: the scale allows them to see anything a person has done, and the bracelets allows Alara to inflict the pain that someone has caused to others on them
    Personality: Alara is soft spoken, but will not hesitate to say what is oj their mind. They take things a little to letteraly sometimes
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    Looking good. As soon as Isabel make her last ones, we can start.
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    Name: Isadora Smith
    Nickname: Isa, Issie
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Accent: British
    Parent: Happiness
    Human Appearance:
    Animal Appearance: A yellow, white and dusty brown calico cat
    Magical Appearance:
    Clothes: As seen
    Symbols: Sun, daffodils
    Symbol In Smaller More Portable Form: A small sun hair clip, a daffodil is usually in her hair
    Symbols In Animal Form: The sun is one of her calico spots, she has a daffodil rucked behind her ear
    Powers: She can make anyone and everyone around her laugh, like a kinder type of Joker.
    What The Symbols Do: The sun allows her to radiate more laughter and happiness, her daffodil lets her feels others emotions clearly
    Personality: Always sunny and never sad or shy, she speaks her mind and is impossible to bring down.


    Name: Bithiah Hargreaves
    Nickname: Bittie, 8-bit
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Accent: Egyptian
    Parent: Evil
    Human Appearance: Dark tan skin, black eyes, black hair that is very curly and hard to maintain. Very tall stature.
    Animal Appearance: Jackal
    Magical Appearance:
    Clothes: Loose fitting golden tank top, grey jeans and lots of piercings, everywhere, they never end.
    Symbols: Flail
    Symbol In Smaller More Portable Form: Dagger. He’s a stabby boi.
    Symbols In Animal Form: Sharp teeth
    Powers: He can corrupt people’s minds into obeying his will
    What The Symbols Do: Allow him to use his power without the serious drawbacks, also allows him to counter Emeline’s powers
    Personality: He’s straight up sadistic, but he’s also Matteo’s one and only true friend. Hangs out with the ‘Chaos Kids’ as he call them. Will try to stab you. Will probably succeed.


    Name: Emeline Grene
    Nickname: Emmie
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Accent: Northern American
    Parent: Good
    Human Appearance:
    Animal Appearance: A young labradoodle
    Magical Appearance:
    Clothes: As seen
    Symbols: Hearts
    Symbol In Smaller More Portable Form: Heart necklace
    Symbols In Animal Form: Heart collar
    Powers: Mostly helps the others feel good about themselves, and can tell instantly if people are lying.
    What The Symbols Do: Allows her to counter Bithiah’s powers,
    Personality: Somewhat shy but a total sweetheart. Wants to be better friends with Justice. When she’s in her magical form however, she can be surprisingly brutal.
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    Isabel Star Advanced

    ^^ Isadora’s link
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    (You might want to fix Emmie's too.)

    (It's interesting that my characters are the only ones with pets.)

    (We can start now. Turn order: Me, Isabel, then Pheonix)

    (Like I said, we start with our parents dying and being teleported to a strange mansion.)

    Darkness lay in his bed with his son close by. He said "Son, I'm afraid I'm dying. You must carry on my legacy." Mark said "Dad you can't die, I'm lost without you, I need you." Darkness patted his son's head and said "I believe in you my son, you are destined for greatness." Mark held his dad close and as he faded and the surroundings began to change, Darkness sang "Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again." Marcus was now in an unknown room without his dad.

    Flora said "But you're the goddess of life, you can't die." Life said "Flora, you know everything dies eventually, even me." Flora cried and Life said "You'll be fine my child. Go and fulfill your destiny." Flora's surroundings changed and she saw Marcus. She came close to him and they hugged each other to feel better.

    Harue cried as her dad, Time, slipped away into death. Time hugged his daughter and said "It is up to you now." Harue said "But I'm not ready, couldn't I just go back and warn you about Chaos?" Time answered "I'm afraid not. We'd still be no match even with the warning." He gave her a clock and said "Don't forget, I love you." This echoed as the room around her disappeared and she appeared in an unknown room, clutching the clock.
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    blah i don’t wanna go find it again. just a cute, brunette girl with glasses and casual wear on))

    Bithiah sat by his mother’s side as she smiled at him, her hand clutching his face. Neither said a word, instead he watched as she slipped in and out of consciousness until, finally, death claimed her. He sighed shakily and got ready to stab his feelings out when suddenly he was no longer home. He looked around with confusion and saw other gods and goddesses kids around him of similar age. “Hello?”


    “Father, you can’t you’re the god of death. This isn’t right. If Time were here -“ Matteo began, but his father cut him off. “Matteo, Time will be gone soon as well. It will just be you and the others. I told you these things.” Matteo bit his lip as his father passed on. “I can’t do this without you…”


    Emeline watched her father with shaking sobs. “D-dad… I don’t want you to go…” she cried. Her father smiled at her. “Don’t fret, sunbeam. Just believe in yourself and others, as you’ve always done.” As he slipped away, Emmie suddenly found herself in a strange room. “What just happened?” she said quietly.


    Isadora held her father’s hand, desperately not wanting him to leave her all alone. For the first time in her life, she was scared. She was sad. Her father laughed slightly. “Isadora, all your old friends will be with you soon! No need to cry so.” He said. Isadora nodded and when she was transported to the strange room, she saw Emeline and grinned. “Any idea where we are?” she asked the older but much more reserved teen.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Archaios was crying as he held on to his mother, having realised what her dimming light ment. Light smiled sadly and patted his head "it will be ok little one," she said gently, "you wont be alone." Archaios whimpered softly as she fadded away before looking around in alarm as his location changed, quickly standing.

    Skotadi held his mothers hand as they both sat in silence, simply waiting for her to die. "Dont try to find Chaos" Misery said "they will kill you without a second thought" Skotadi nodded in understanding as she passed before lookimg aroumd as he was teleported, sighing when he saw everyone

    Alara stared silently at their mother, both of them understanding that there was nothing eather of them could do to stop this. "I will make sure Chaos knows of their wrong doings" Alara said, making Justice smile sadly "Im sure that you will, Judge" she said gently before Alara was transported to the rest of the childrem
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    Mark wiped Flora's tears and said "Better now?" Flora nodded and Mark turned his attention to everyone else. He said "Okay everyone, I will say it's good to see all of you again. I just wish it was under better circumstances. We all just saw our parents die right before our eyes, but I want to assure everyone, everything will be okay."
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    Bithiah snorted. “Okay, he says. Who put you in charge, one and nothing about this is okay at all, two.” He said, scowling at Mark. Matteo was next to him at an instant and Bithiah groaned, deciding not to go any farther.


    Emmie held on tight to Isadora, who tried her best to help by radiating happiness through the room. What with the high tension though, it might not work. “What now?” Emmie asked as a feeling of slight calm - from Isadora of course - washed over her.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Skotadi frowned slightly at Isadora and crossed his arms as Archaios dried his face off. Alara looked over at Bithiah and tilted their head slightly with frown before turning their gaze to Mark "you can not be certain of that" they said quietly
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    (I would like to point out, none of us are cousins. So if you're thinking of having romances, do it.)

    Harue stood up and said "Both of you back off. Mark's only trying to reassure us. He's not assuming the role of leader." Mark said "Yes. I just don't want us to fall into despair. Cause what we need to do now is to find Chaos and stop him. He might be satisfied now, but he might come after us too."
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    “Without our parents, there is very little stopping him. We will have to be extremely cautious.” Said Matteo, eying the group warily. “And we’ll need to hone our powers, what with our parents…” He trailed off, and didn’t continue.


    Bithiah sat on the floor, uninterested.


    Isadora gave up on making everything more calm, considering she was barely feeling calm herself, and instead focused on getting Emmie a little less reserved.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Archaios shivered at the mention of chaos and moved over to Isadora, sitting down near her as Skotadi scowled "are you insane? Chasing after Chaos is a death wish" he said, getting a frown from Alara

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