Where the hell did she go?

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Thread Topic: Where the hell did she go?

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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
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    Please don’t advertise in roleplay threads thanks.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Quid: follows behind him*so is this the first time the girl has went missing.
    Literal: this is booooring
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    Dairi Advanced
    No, it is not. The princess sneaks out often.

    *glances back at Literal*

    Are you implying that helping mortals on Earth is more enjoyable than a game of hide and seek with a demon princess?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Literal: ar eyou implying that I actually *help* mortals?

    Quid! He doesn’t, I do, I also fix his messes, but hide and seek with a demon princess would be a nice change from pissing off the council.

    Literal: whaaaat I’m older than them, they can’t tell me what to do.

    Quid: anyway, where is she likely to hide.
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    Dairi Advanced

    *turns back around to hide his amused smile*

    She likely ran off into town, but we'll need to ask Elinor--

    Elinor: *materializes in front of him with her hands on her hips* Ask Elinor what?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    ( hi I’m an immortal entity, capable of destroying reality, but I’m the embodiment of ‘ YOUR NOT MY REAL DAD’ )
    Quid: Ah, so the name thing isn’t just limited to our race I see.

    Literal: it’s like an allegory or something.

    Quid:....that isn’t-you know what you’re doing it on purpose, and I’m falling for it, screw you.

    Quid: so...who is this?
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    Dairi Advanced
    (What an actual mood!!! I have a lot of stupid characters similar to that orz)

    Elinor: *eyes Literal and Quid suspiciously* ...I'm the head sorceress of the castle. People summon me if they've got problems. Do you have problems?

    A multitude of them, yes, but we're here on important business--

    Elinor: Well, spit it out!

    *nervously picks at sleeve, looking rather embarrassed*

    We lost the princess again. We need a tracking spell.

    Elinor: ...You suck at your job. All you have to do is monitor her! How could you f--- that up!?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    ( He’s rendered useless in one of the final fights with a cat laser dark. An actual cat laser.)
    Literal: floating around. Wow, so snappy~

    Quid:....can you find her or are you just going to shout at him.
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    Dairi Advanced

    Elinor: *looks at Quid, scoffing* I'm his friend, I'm supposed to yell at him.

    This isn't true!

    Elinor: *ignores him, sitting on the floor and placing her hands on her knees* *closes her eyes*

    *the space in front of them begins to glow a bright blue*
    *within the light, there's a young woman with red hair looking behind herself and sneaking through what appears to be a village alleyway*

    Oh, there she is! That's the local town.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    ( He’s built up to be super dangerous, and the group spent days preparing to take him on , and then he just gets distracted and f---s off )
    Literal: wow, such magic, so impress.
    Quid: oh for fu- damn you.
    Literal: snorts, so we go get her orrrr?
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    Dairi Advanced
    (so he's basically a puppy)

    Yes, we do. Thank you, Elinor.

    Elinor: *eyes flash open, and the image disappears* *irritated* Is that all?

    Yes, ma'am!

    *opens a portal*

    Alright, let's go now- before she gets too far from that spot.
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    Lucinda Novice
    ( yeah pretty much, his boyfriend is basically his babysitter)
    Literal: cool. Lets
    Quid:....what did you do,
    Literal: literally nothing.
    Quid: ....alright,,,
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    Wendy Lyness Novice
    Dairi: *walks through without waiting for them*

    *still sneaking around the alley*
    *freezes when she hears Dairi's footsteps*


    *turns around and sees Dairi with Quid and Literal*
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Literal teleports behind her and quickly snaps his fingers to stop her from moving.

    Quid: oh Jesus Christ,

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