I heard Rock Music in church the other day

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Thread Topic: I heard Rock Music in church the other day

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    xendocheionology Experienced
    It was so wierd everyone was just looking around and then on one of the fountains you could kind of see a built in stero playing like, a Lady Gaga version of "christ is our light."
  • Thats weird yeah I think people should keep pop,rock and all that stuff out of church just gosple music! Lol
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    heavy heart Newbie
    The church is adapting and changing its ways to try and incompase all types of people. They are focusing on the youth right now and using popular culture to try and get young people to go to church.

    Back during the dark ages. The church did something similar. They were having alot of trouble converting pagans over to christianity. They tried mass executions, public ceremonies, threats of damnation, and yet nothing seemed to be working fast enough. One of the things the church tried was it created a new holiday. They combined a pagan holiday aout a gaint elf that would eat children during december unless they painted goats blood on their door, and a roman holiday in which grown men would go out, party, get drunk, have sex with each other, and then go home and beat their wives.

    They combined the joyous celebration of the roman holiday, and the giant elf of the pagan holiday, and called it christmas. They then made it sound more reasonable by taking a text from the bible about the birth of christ, and said that December 25 was that day as well.

    Isnt the truth behind religion just oh so fun! :D
  • Yeah... But Jesus nor GOD told us to celebrate the day Jesus was born Im not condeeming it I celabrate it too but that wasnt even the day Jesus was born He was accually born like in the spring or summer sometime warm... In around December the wise men came but that was after Jesus was circumcised you see? Something to that efect... I know this can be a touchy subject the bible doesnt say to play music with your hyms so my church doesnt....
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    heavy heart Newbie
    The wise men wouldnt have arrived in december. The middle eastern nights are too cold for shepherders to be flocking their sheep.

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