What do you think about Jesus?

Thread Topic: What do you think about Jesus?

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    Dulcinea Junior
    Whether you belive in him or not, what are the first things that come to mind when you hear the name Jesus?
    How would you describe him to someone else?
    What does he mean to you?
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    Clara Ford Novice
    He is my protector, and he is my father. He is kind and loving, and never leaves me.
    He is more than a friend and is able to do even the impossible, so if no one else can help you, you can be sure he will.
    He means my life to me, because that's why I'm here.
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    Stardust1 Advanced
    Physically, he was probably one of the most influential and controversial men to ever live.

    Spiritually, he's the savior of the world, loving in every way.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    He’s the savior maybe but hes also a big meanie, thinking he’s all that but no.... hes got a thing comin for him if he doesnt watch his attitude

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