Hey I have questions about God

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Thread Topic: Hey I have questions about God

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    JaneDoe Senior
    I really, really want to believe in God. But here's the problem: If he's real, he's an absolutely horrible person.

    1. He supposedly created humans, right? With a simple purpose: Worship, honor, serve, and bring glory to him.


    Sooo, God created us to praise him? And if we go through life praising him, we get to go to Heaven and praise him forever? That.. Sounds like something I've heard before, about how women have children so that someone will love them? God seems a bit insecure. (Mostly joking but also not.)

    2. Here's one you've heard before: If God created everything, all the bad stuff is from him as well, right? I'm not talking about bad /people./ I'm talking about bugs that make their homes in the eyesockets of children. That sort of thing. Why the f--- would anyone who "loved" us creat s--- like that?

    After all, aren't you not supposed to intentionally hurt people that you love?

    3. Why is his only solution mass murder? Floods, the apocalypse, ect. That just makes no sense.

    4. DINOSAURS. the bible doesn't explain or account for dinosaurs and it has always bothered me.
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    1. Yeah, he did. Exactly for that purpose. And yeah, we go to heaven if we do this. Otherwise we enjoy in hell.

    2. He created all the "bad stuff". He even created cockroaches, which scream the hell out of me.
    He created lightning, which killed 2,582 people alone in India in 2014.
    So, lightning's one of the "bad stuff". But there's a benefit of lightning:
    When lightning slices through the atmosphere, it knocks electrons from the nitrogen atoms. The atoms are then free to combine with oxygen and hydrogen in the atmosphere forming nitrates. Rain carries this new compound to the earth enriching the soil with nitrates which are the building blocks of proteins. Plants synthesize these nitrates into proteins which can be used by animals and by us.
    Hence lightning is also good.
    But it kills so many people!
    True. It kills, but at the same time, we all know how to stay safe from lightning.

    Let's talk about snake. Snake bites kill 46K people on India yearly. It's a seriously eveil stuff.
    But snakes have too many benefits to be posted here.

    Therefore, every bad stuff has a positive side.

    3. We wash our hands when they get dirty. We kill termites when they start eating furniture. I kill cockroach when they scare me to hell again.
    God, before destroying them, brings the news of good will (or whatever). Then, when they don't accept it, He warns them. When they don't give a damn to His warning, he gives them to taste death.

    4. A little on dinosaurs in Quran:
    About dinosaurs in the Bible:
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    JaneDoe Senior
    Thanks yo
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    The Geek Expert
    this nigga
  • Tsanchan2 Newbie
    My question in the Big Three Religions is this. Christianity and Islam says there is this Bad Guy character called Satan or Shaitan. Some forms of Judaism say that he is just doing his job. Leading us astray is his job.
    Again, my question is. Why does "God" like Satan so much? Why does he give him so much power over us?
    In the Old Testament, Satan appears to be working for "God". His job is to prove humans are unworthy. Yet in Genesis he may be identified with the Serpent and Sin. He is accursed. Yet in Job he is working for God as a prosecutor and accuser. He is later compared to the planet Venus rising in the morning. Isaiah. Or is that a poem about the ruler of Tyre? lucifer is a Latin term for Morning Star (Venus).
    In the Gospel, he is again doing hs job. He tests Jesus in the desert. When Jesus turned down all the kingdoms of the world (apparently) they are Satan's to give) he then obeys Jesus and does what he is commanded.
    In the Quran, he resents Adam and asks Allah for the right to destroy Adam and all humans and lead them to Jahannum (Hell) and he is given that power, no questions asked.
    Satan seems to be God's favorite. He rules the world and manipulates us and we (who know very little) are expected not to listen to him when he rules our world (with God's permission).
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    Stardust1 Novice
    So I don't know about the Quran, but I can explain the Christian point of view.

    First off, Lucifer was an angel of God and like all angels, he has power. He was the most powerful, though, and he wanted to be God. So he became evil and then now we call him Satan and then now he lives in hell with all the other demons and fallen angels. That's where his power comes from, since he was an angel like any other. It's not like God gave him specific power just to torment us. No, he had power as a normal angel, and then Satan chose to misuse that power. That's God, He will always give everyone a choice to do right or wrong.

    Satan isn't appointed a job by God. God won't force a role upon you. We all have free will. Satan is evil--he wants us to be in fear and pain, the opposite of what God wants. Now God will let Satan do terrible things, yes, but there's always a reason. God will always work it out to your benefit if you have faith. He is for us and not against us. I mean to say, Satan isn't working for God, he is acting on his own and sometimes God lets him, and not because He "likes" Satan. In Job, it's a test. He lets Satan destroy Job's life and everything he loves to test Job. God wanted to see who was more important, God or Job's world. And after Job proved it was God, God blessed him. So it worked out for Job's benefit.

    When the devil tempted Jesus, it showed a few things. First, that Jesus was fully human and capable of being tempted. Just like all of us. And while Jesus was tempted, He never sinned. This shows that however powerful Satan is, God is more powerful. While Satan is the prince of this broken world, God is King and He will work it out.

    And lucifer does mean morning star. Fascinating. What exactly are you trying to ask?

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