My little chapel service here

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Thread Topic: My little chapel service here

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    Hope u enjoy my messages about god. Thank u for coming here!
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    K guys my first part here is who is god. Well god is the creator of all things like you and me but really who is he . We don't really now till we die. I know it sounds weird that god was always here and because everything was by something god wasn't. God was always around sense well forever.if you want to chat on this thread go ahead but please be nice. My question for you right now is who do you think god is . Why do you not beleive in him and why do you believe in him. I know that I do because I have put my faith in him and my trust but really why do you not or do believe in him tell me? But please say something if you want. My next thing is why do we sin? We sin becuase after god created man and woman also known as, Adam and Eve, their was a snake and that snake tempted them to eat a apple from the tree of Satan which god had specifically said not to eat from. But they did what the snake said and ate from that tree which god said don't. My next thing is why was Jesus made? Jesus was made because god thought that we needed our sins to be covered up. So he sent Jesus Christ to do just that and Jesus Christ our lord died on that cross for us. Was it easy to do what god said about diying on the cross. That's my message I might do one tomorrow.
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    K guys what would you do if you did anything that you hated? Would you do anything at all , would you hate yourself , would you really stop believing in god. I know this because I have once doubted god. I'm sure you will in your life but that not the thing.

    For god so loved the world that he sent his one and only son. Yes we all know that if we're a christan but do you personally know god. I still don't really know much I'm just a kid and I'm doing this. You might be asking why would a kid be doing this?

    I do it because I love god and I want people to love him too just like me. You might think that I'm weird if I'm doing this! But really I don't car I want people to know god.

    What would you do if you lost everything you had? I would have praised to the lord because it would be a miracle have in god god do something for me. You might be like that sounds weird? Well it isn't because god can show appreciation by letting go of some of our stuff or all of it too.

    Ow here as we know it today president elect Donald john Trump was sworn into office! He said he would change America forever , he said he would let the power go to the people! I don't entirely believe him but still I don't really think anybody believes anybody now days except god!

    We all know their are other gods but which one is real? Obviously the one that is real god the real god the god which sent his one and only son that was never sinful!

    But how do we know it's god that we should believe? We should because we know we should.right now I would be speacking this if I went here in the first place! I want to know god! I strive to know him better! I want you to know him! But most of all I WANT YOU TO BELIEVE IN HIM AND TRUST HIM! So don't wait believe right now! If you don't know why you are reading this try to realize that your not the only one out there!

    January 20 , 2016, I lost my favorite pet I had. It was a collie with a mix but I do not know what the other part is! All she did was sit on the floor without moving but her head and just died! We don't know why but we think it's because of her tumor in her brain? But all I did that night was pray to god that she was going to heaven!

    Before man was created god well we don't know but we know after man was created? Why did god create man? We don't know but we do know this? That man created sin and satan! Not god, not Jesus , man!

    I hoped you like my service thank you for allowing me to do this and thanks for the support through it even their is none right now thank you! It means a lot to me!
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    As a former agnostic who wanted nothing to do with Christians, the reason I believe in God is because I've experienced the evidence and presence of Him in my life, and no, not just a feeling in my heart. The reason why many don't believe in the existence of any god is they believe that the natural world is all there is. The idea of spirituality to them is vague, because it's like trying to describe the wind or gravity. Yet without seeing those things, we know they clearly exist by the effect they leave on the natural world. The spiritual things work the same way. Whether for good or evil, we can see the evidence everywhere in this world.

    Actually, the snake itself did not tempt them. Satan, who possessed the snake, did. This is an example of the spiritual effecting the physical. Sin entered the world when Adam and Eve chose to rebel against God. That's what sin is, and the effects of it are devastating. It wasn't the "tree of Satan" but of the knowledge of good and evil. It was the one restriction, a test of whether or not they would obey and trust God.

    Jesus wasn't "made" since He is part of the Trinity and has always existed along with the Father and Holy Spirit. He also didn't come to earth just to "cover up" sin. That's what the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament were meant to do. It's not enough just to cover up sin forever, but we needed to be cleansed from sin. Because Jesus is holy and sinless, it is only through Him that we can be cleansed. And no, it wasn't easy. The fact that Jesus took on the consequences of our sin after all of our hate, pride, and spoiled behavior is a miracle and not something to take lightly. It's a testament of how much God loves us and does not wish for any to perish.

    Honestly, the rest of this thread is incoherent and I highly suspect is meant to mock and troll. Which is funny, since if someone wanted to have an actual intelligent conversation about Christianity with me they could. Most of you on here are depressed and complain all the time about how bad your lives are. I've been there and what I've learned is you have to take responsibility for what you choose to do in life. No one can force you to ask the hard questions and actual care about what your life is all about.

    Mock the fact that I believe in the Bible if you want, but don't be surprised when you do the same destructive things over and over again and don't get a different result.
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    I'm a baptist christan just so you know
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    So hi how are you all? Today we will be doing some more talking about god. 2 chronicles verse 9 ," For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him".

    Pslams verse 12 " blessed is the nation whose god is the lord". Psalms verse 13 from heaven the lord looks down and sees all mankind. So what do these two verses really mean? They mean that all whose country praises , thy lord , god will get thy love from him too and that also means that thy god will bless that country that praises him.
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    Ima nondenominational christan actually long word
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    So hi again
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    Hazelbear Junior
    Well said, Anastasia :)
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    Try to walk the souls of hell thy shall not compel why thy shall not I deny but thy god is here thy time thy souls are the people too thy life is bore but I is bad we sleep in a water of sin but not in hell you wish to shout u wish to speak I wish to meet they only god.
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    i jacked off on church once
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    Um ok

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