15 challenges

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Thread Topic: 15 challenges

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    Teresa22 Senior
    Day three: Sally's salsa's super spicy so she spewed salsa at Sam. (Random)
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    scolionophobia Experienced
    day one:none
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    Moyashi Senior
    Day two: Dir En Grey
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    madid Experienced
    Day one:Hunter
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    Nuna Experienced
    Day 3: pollys possum puked up potatoe peels on the prarie
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    6 6 sick Senior
    Day:3.Skipping this one XD
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    scolionophobia Experienced
    day twwo: one direction
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    Skyler Potter Novice
    Day 3: Stupid Skyler sold soup for seven cents with skill. XD
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    Sage Parson Junior
    Day 3: Sage sent super socks to seven Skylers. XD
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    Kirby Junior
    Day 3: Kirby loves Krispy Kristy Crackers.
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    graceface Junior
    Day one: Henery
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    CherryBombRiots Experienced
    Day 2: The Smiths
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    VegeKaka Hot Shot
    Day three: Argentina Arhentina Argentina Arhentina

    Inside joke, sorry. xD
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    Too lazy to wait 15 days to answer these. So I'm going to cheat and time travel.

    Day one- Ting-Ting
    Day two- Billy Joel
    Day three- she sells sea shells down by the sea shore.
    Day four- What did one snow man say to the other? "Smells like carrots."
    Day five- 17
    Day six- Meerkat
    Day seven- Maple (yup)
    Day eight- The pyramids
    Day nine- purple
    Day ten- I work in the Youth Service Center every Day for an hour.
    Day eleven- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    Day twelve- (Animated: Iron Giant) (Non animated: The Crow/ XLC Punk)
    Day thirteen- underwear
    Day fourteen- I liked it and it stuck.
    Day fifteen- Hey GTQ, try this! (GTQ)
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    VegeKaka Hot Shot
    Congrats James, you have time traveled 12 days ahead compared to the majority of us.

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