I dont know how to even put a subject for this

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Thread Topic: I dont know how to even put a subject for this

  • vertigo Newbie
    I’m 16 and I’m f---ing insane. I have no idea where my head is at. I have all the characteristics of every type of Schizoaffective or Schizophrenic disorder. It’s not no teenage emotions either, I’ve always been a a pretty odd kid but just growing up made s--- hit way harder. I’ve alwasy had s--- really rough and had a lot of mental abuse from my own family. Therapy and pills do not help it I’ve took both since i was 4 and being on strong ass psych meds at that young is gonna make you even more f---ed up than you already are. Drugs are the only thing that somewhat help because when it gets manic I just think it’s the drugs when it really isn’t and it’s me losing my sanity even more. I hear voices saying everything that’s wrong with my life their faint and don’t really bother me though. I have no friends because I’m so insane it’s all I know I can’t even hold a normal conversation the only thing I can talk about is what’s bothering me In hopes of somebody helping in some crazy way. But obviously no matter what I or anybody does it’s just gonna make s--- worse when it’s over. I’m f---ed yo I’m not making it past 21
  • vertigo Newbie
    Like I’m young and I’m still figuring s--- out and the older I get the deeper and worse this s--- gets I might not have a grip on reality but I got a pretty solid understanding of myself so believe me or not because if I was lying why would I be going off about this on the forums of.a quiz website at 3 in the morning
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    Just reading my own posts it looks completely unintelligible to me is it because I think with how I feel I can’t trust my head
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    Stardust1 Advanced
    So.. What are you trying to say? Are you looking for help, or are you just ranting? Sounds like you do need professional help, but it also sounds like all your options lead back to therapy and drugs. What are your other options?
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    step 1


    ok. did you exhale after that? if so, congrats you have 50/50 chance of success

    if you didnt exhale, you wouldnt be reading this
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