im in a very grey area of being suicidal

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Thread Topic: im in a very grey area of being suicidal

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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    @Cordelia I don't know if we've talked before. You seem young. Don't throw away your life.
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    I am young. I'm a teenager
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    WolfLove2 Newbie
    thanks homeslice. i know how precious this life we got is but it can be hard sometimes, you understand that. :)
    homie this is a quiz site that ive been on for 6 years. ive made friends on here that i love and feel comfortable talking abt this s--- with. im allowed to talk about my feelings and if you knew how things were for me youd know tuat getting real true help is very hard, so im workin with what i got. im not sorry for posting abt it :)

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