Is this just normal teenage behavior?

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Thread Topic: Is this just normal teenage behavior?

  • Just_Fluffy Newbie
    Basically everyone I know who is a teenager is constantly complaining about everything: teachers, homework, school, the food tastes bad, etc. Is this normal behavior? I don't know what their lives are like, but sometimes I get concerned because of this.
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    So either you're yet to hit the teen age or you're an adult now. Whatever the case, the answer to your question is yes, it's normal for majority of us. Don't know about the food tastes bad thing, but yeah we all hate some teachers and we all hate homework.
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    barberbob2 Senior
    Teenagers are old enough to vocalize their opinions thoughtfully, but too young to realize that no one cares.
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    Deadlock Novice
    The Funniest Thing Is That Every Part Of That Is True.
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    Actually it’s true for the human race in general. It’s human nature to always want to complain about something.
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    I'm a teenager

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