I was curious about my IQ.

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Thread Topic: I was curious about my IQ.

  • Ghost Le1F Novice
    drew smarter than brownie
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    O.o woah, smarter than I thought.
  • My iq is jump off a cliff
    I am so intellectual I could just jump off a cliff
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    Matmail Experienced
    After taking many IQ tests on many webs, my IQ ranges from 129 to 143, with an average of 134.
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    therealminime Advanced
    I got 124
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    rascal1178 Advanced
    I got 145 but then I looked at the answers and I got them all right so idk how this grades it.
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    I got 122

    And the things says I have a superior level

    I feel so smart
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    Sphinx Senior
    153, and I missed a question by accident
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    Saara_K Novice
    I got 133, and I am 11, turning 12 soon. XD
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    Sphinx Senior
    Took it again and got 172
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    Magical Nonsense Advanced
    I retook it and got 150.
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    DreamOfNight Experienced
  • Trumpet 9 Newbie
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Eh, I'd rather be good at art than be smart anyways.
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    Next Advanced

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