why did you choose your username?

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Thread Topic: why did you choose your username?

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    Slim_t Novice
    because in the rio grande valley everyone either calls me, wedo, Mario chikito, or slim :D and my first name is antonio(tony)
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    My name is Victoria and I felt like adding random numbers ^-^
  • Moocow95 Newbie
    i like cows and i just decided to add 95.
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    sara63 Novice
    sara is my name and i just liked 63
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    nuva_blanca Novice
    My name means snow white...and its what my friends at school call me
  • LadyCarrie Newbie
    Because my name is Carrie and...well I don't know why I added Lady,I just did.
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    Devin65 Novice
    I chose my username because Devin is my first name. DUH!
  • Hatshepsut237 Newbie
    My favorite Egyptian queen is Hatshepsut and my sibling's ages are 2, 3, and 7.
  • LOSTinTIME Newbie
    nuva_blanca is that supposed to be spanish? B/c I thought it was "nieve." Uh I chose my username because I felt Lost in this vast universe of time.
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    Zombie Girl Novice
    i chose mine cause i just love love love zombies,and my friend said it sounded like good name so i cchose it.
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    i chose murderdoll cause murderdolls is an awsome band,

    and i chose my other username(wednesday 13)cause there an awsome band
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    sisi959162 Newbie
    i chose mine becuz my nickname is sisi and i remember that particular number order the best. lol
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    Hunteriscool Junior
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    Appa, yip-yip is a famous phrase from one of my favorite shows and 42 is one of my favorite numbers.
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    Hatshepsut237 Advanced


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