For those on gotoquiz who are endless.

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Thread Topic: For those on gotoquiz who are endless.

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    Kish Expert
    I don't even know...or remember half of the people here who claim to have been active in '11
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    Tyreseonater Advanced
    I just started being active again
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    Selena112 Expert
    Active since late 2010!
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    AnimePhan Advanced
    I'm confused.
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    absol heart Experienced
    i beleive i was active in 2011-2012... but im around 2-3 years old, so... YAY ME!
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    Phoenix Night Advanced
    I'm only active when I see interesting stuff, so lol.
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    DeathStar321 Advanced
    Thank you. It's been too fun to leave so I'll be here for another 4 or so years
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    doodle Senior
    Add scar to the '11 list Why do we always forget her .-.

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