What ish your dream job/occupation?

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Thread Topic: What ish your dream job/occupation?

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    wolf_heart Experienced
    Cartoon voicing, zookeeper, or famous author.
    and famous youtuber
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    UnLoving Junior
    Is eating chocolate an occupation?
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    Donotdisturb Novice
    Lol.yes. Singer,fashion designer,teacher
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    StitchedHeart Experienced
    Voice acting, creator, computer/console repair
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    absol heart Experienced
    furry. id be famous for my research and people would just practically give me money.
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    NeonHedgehog Experienced
    A psychologist or author, or both. I also sort of want to be a teacher.
  • Veronica_v Newbie
    Anime/novel writer,singer,cardiologist
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    Gracious Novice
    a doctor

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