Well, this is it.

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Thread Topic: Well, this is it.

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    Skyler Potter Junior
    I think we all realize at some point when it is our time to go. Sometimes days will go by and I never even get on. I never talk to anyone anymore, and people seem to dislike me more on here. Plus, the newbies are getting rather annoying.

    Im sorry to everyone I have argued with. And im especially sorry for that time in Religion when I supposedly offended all of you with that post about Hunter...

    I want to thank everyone on here who was nice to me when I first came on, and I want to thank specifically:
    Sage Parson
    Kirby (Good luck with your singing!)
    Sports19 (Cori)
    Rveles (Rosio)
    Tenten (Emily)

    The 69 club will be forever in my heart. :P

    Sorry if I missed anyone. I love you all. Please dont beg me to stay; it will make me want to come back more, and then it will seem like I was just attention grabbing. I will check this thread for the next few days, but this will be my last post. So anything you say I will see, but I just wont reply.

    It doesnt take long to change someones life. I have been here for just 7 months, and you guys have done just that.

    I love you all. *Waves goodbye and rides into sunset*
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    Kepler Novice
    Goodbye, Skyler! I will miss you. :3
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    Kirby Junior
    I'm not going to beg you to stay because I'm leaving/not coming on anymore either. So there would be no point if I'm not coming on :P I'm really busy with life to come on here anyway. Great things have happened to me these past few days, I am so glad you've been a part of it!

    Skyler, you have been an awesome Internet BFF for the time I've spent on here. We've had our laughs, smiles, fights (I don't remember any fights, but whatever :P), stupid moments and I'm just left here, in 2013, with great memories. I don't care what anyone else says, you're a great friend and you will go so far in life with your awesomeness and kindness! I will miss you deeply, especially the days I haven't been on, I've missed you, talking to you, Cori, Sage, Megan etc. I understand it's time to move on for you, it was definitely time for me to move on earlier of course.

    Thank you, and thank you for supporting me and I wish you luck on your dreams and future endeavors!
    Love, Internet BFF,
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    Teresa22 Senior
    I've never understood your 69 club. .___.

    Anyways I'm going to miss you, Skyler. I hope you come back to visit, but it's all in what you want. I don't think anyone "hates" you, but just don't feel that you have to leave because you're disliked. I've spent periods just stalking and feeling I couldn't talk to anyone, but trust me, it would get better. I hope this allows you to focus on your own life and that you're happy. Please visit or something. Bye. 3:
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    Ashl3y Experienced
    Aww bai bai. 3:
    Never forget the 69 club. You can't. And even though we didn't talk to much. I'll miss you. :3
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    rvelez Junior
    Aww D': Well good bye my friend. I'll miss you and you better not forget the 69 club. :J I'll always remember you!! c:
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    ICE_CUBE97 Novice
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    rascal1178 Advanced
    I'm crying....... :(

    You're honestly one of the best friends I've ever had. I'll miss you forever. The 69 Club will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts. Please visit every now and then. May God bless you.

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