The Facebook Debate

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Thread Topic: The Facebook Debate

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    Magie Magic Senior
    Personally, I don't have a problem with the Facebook issue going on. I mean, if they chose to focus on my information rather than the millions of other people they have to choose from, I'd be laughing.

    If I had bank information and they tried to take that instead of one of the other millions of people's informatio, I'd be laughing cause I don't have money to steal.

    If someone tried to take my information to help them in their own lives I'd be complimented because they think I'm smart, and I'd be laughing because many people are smarter than I am.

    If they were letting people know my personal information, I would be laughing because anything I pm, post, or comment on Facebook you can probably find out easily by talking to me.

    I understand how invasive it is and that does need to se need to be corrected. However there isn't much reason to panic or rant about it. Because my information is next to millions of other profiles that have far more interesting information than mine. So I'm not panicked about this.

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