Sorting hat!

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Thread Topic: Sorting hat!

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    chaz55 Novice
    Just list some of your qualities and check back here everyday to see if I sorted you!
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    Selena112 Advanced
    Enjoys reading
    First to finish on tests and such
    High GPA
    Usually punctually and grammatically correct
    Artistic (I guess.)
    Likes animals
    Sometimes likes people
    Computer addict
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    chaz55 Novice
    Selena112: RAVENCLAW!
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    Selena112 Advanced
    Yay!!! *pokes Ravenclaw crest under your username*
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    chaz55 Novice
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    flibber Novice
    Enjoys arts and crafts
    Giant geek
    Love animals
    Don't care if I get in trouble,I compromise with the teacher and accept my punishment.
    4.0 GPA
    Perfect academic student
    First to finish on tests
    Very Organized
    Loves homework
    Takes chances
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Eh, why not.

    Planning on attending college early.
    But strong.
    Full of imagination.
    Generally quiet but friendly and confident.
    Enjoys alone time.
    Loves writing, music, visual arts, anything of that likeness.
    Protective and motherly.
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    dragon ember Experienced
    doesn't talk a lot but still a bit friendly
    likes to draw and RP
    someday hopes to make a server and a online game
    also likes music and electric guitars
    doesn't respect mean people and doesn't forgive bad people who annoy her ( XD )
    likes MMO games such as impressive world ( )
    likes to read and has good strength
    has a rather weird imagination such as winged wolves and green striped tigers ( lol )
  • GTQ Newbie
    Some people are tooting their own horn.
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    Jack Attack 1995 Experienced
    *whispers under hat*
    Not Hufflepuff. Not Slytherin. Not Ravenclaw. Please, not Hufflepuff.

    Is that enough information? :]
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    Kiki rocks Novice
    ummm can i join?
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    Jack Attack 1995 Experienced
    I think anyone can
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    Kiki rocks Novice
    thnx :D

    sort of friendly
    sympathetic, sweet, sensitive
    loves warm puppies
    loves drawing and writing
    designing fashion
    mellow at times
    warm personality
    enjoys makeup (to an extent)
    loves music
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    chaz55 Novice
    flibber: HUFFLEPUFF!
    Anastasia: RAVENCLAW!
    dragon ember: RAVENCLAW!
    Kiki rocks: HUFFLEPUFF!

    Jack Attack 1995: Go wherever you want!
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    Kiki rocks Novice
    Hugglepuff! kk idk what that is but thnx for your time!

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