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    Biance Advanced
    1.You're reading this sentence
    2.You can't tickle yourself
    3.You just tried #2
    5.You lost the game
    6.You didn't notice I skipped 4
    7.You just looked back to see if I really did skip 4
    8.You lost the game
    9.You lost the game
    10.You lost the game
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    kenzroxursox Experienced
    1. Yes I am.
    2. I have before.
    3. No I didn't, because I already knew it was false.
    5. Damn it. -_-
    6/7. Actually, I already saw that you skipped it.(:
    8/9/10. I already lost it for number 5!
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    Biance Advanced
    2.Did you laugh hysterically?
    5. >:}
    8/9/10.But you can lose again. :D
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    Kish Senior
    Wow, u got me on all of them, Biance, great job!
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    LeahM Novice
    I didn't do number three, but the rest...
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    DragonKitty Junior
    Oh gosh...well don't I feel smart! *facepalm*
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    Viktor Novice
    I didnt do the 7th :D
  • Darn... everything but 2 and 3 were right..

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