colored manga edits <3

Thread Topic: colored manga edits <3

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    Jayfeather310 Senior
    hi, i’m bored, so let me do dis, lol.

    send an image and i’ll turn it into a colored manga of your choice. you can send a specific hex code or just say the color.


    or just post

    light blue, dark purple, black, etc. if you don’t have a specific preference.

    here’s an example of what i’ll be doing.



    also, please do not use those images! ^ they belong to me.

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    violagal12 Novice
    tommorow when im on my phone

    i shall do this c:
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    Pastel Advanced
    how do you do this pls
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    Jayfeather310 Senior
    i created my own filter using polarr and change the color using different overlays, but it’s also really easy to do on picsart. i could screen record and show you if you’d like.

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