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    Hello! A user told me I should make one of these threads, so here we are.
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    Don't mind me everyone. I'll be testing a few things out.

    ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿ ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Yay, you have an official thread!
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    CryingClover Advanced
    I love the name too!
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    BurningFlame Novice
    Cool thread!
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    Fr0g Newbie
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    Name: Rebecca Daisy
    Nicknames: Becca, Bee, Daisy
    I prefer to be called Daisy!
    Pronouns: she/her
    Age: 13-17 (minor)

    ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿ ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿

    Interests: gardening, drawing,
    some anime, video games,
    fashion (soft, cottagecore, etc),
    nature, singing, dancing,
    and I also looooooove tea ♡

    ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿ ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿

    About Me + Facts

    I have been taking ballet
    and jazz dance classes
    since I was four years old

    I am very dedicated to the
    things I love. I tend to be a
    very righteous person too

    I am religious, but I don’t
    usually discuss it unless
    it’s with someone close

    Daisies are my favorite
    flowers because I have
    been obsessed with them
    ever since I was little. ❀

    My favorite colors are
    yellow, green, and blue
    I like cool and natural
    tones ~

    I am an ambivert, but
    lean more towards the
    introverted side

    ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿ ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿

    If you'd like to chat, you are
    welcome! I'm always up for
    conversation. Anyone may
    post in my thread as long
    as they are respectful!
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    Chocolate Bar Newbie
    Have some chocolate 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
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    I'm excited for our Christmas recital 🎄
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Ooh, sounds exciting!
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    Should I introduce my friend to the site?
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    CryingClover Advanced
    New members are a good thing! =)
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    Ok, I'll send her a link!
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    RowanMyTears Newbie
    hiiiii Daisy

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