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    Like I’d die for her
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    Amendment I forgot something important.
    Name (& pronunciation):
    Date of Birth (& age):
    Place of Birth:
    Species/Racial Origin:
    Social Class/Community Status:
    Detailed Physical Description:
    Typical Clothing/Equipment:
    Most Hated/Dislikes*:
    Aura colour:
    Backstory *:

    Name (& pronunciation): Alison Aphrodite. ( Alley-sin afro-die-tae). Lady love.
    Date of Birth (& age): April 21st 3088 - 19
    Place of Birth: California
    Gender: female
    Species/Racial Origin: human - African American.
    Social Class/Community Status: upper class.
    Language: English, french, German, Italian + most other languages we’re likely to encounter,
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc*: Alison has a dog named Victoria
    Height: 5’11
    Weight*: I’m not sure
    Hair: long dark brown hair, which she straightens and then braids.
    Eyes: her eyes are a warm brown colour.
    Detailed Physical Description: Alison is the troupes leads acrobat, so this means she has a very slight and athletic build. She’s an extremely elegant and beautiful young woman. Alison has a very kind smile, that can attract people to her, and her eyes are very warm, and inviting. She’s got a very healthy body. Alison’s hair reaches her mid thigh when she has it loose. Her mid back when besides, and her upper back when pinned up.
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: Alison surprisingly prefers loose fitting clothing , clothes meant for comfort over style. During work however, she wears a very flashy pink and white leotard with heart stockings, and a hole at her cleavage shaped like a heart. She uses a staff to help her preform her arias tricks, this staff can become a spear.
    Personality/Attitude: Alison is very playful, as well as motherly. She’s a hopeless romantic, and believes that love solves every problem, so she can often be found setting her friends up.
    Skills/Talents: Alison is a skilled acrobat, as well as a gymnast. She’s a charismatic young women, so she’s usually the go to for ‘seduction’ or manipulation type of mission.s
    Powers: general magic, aura ability, powers involving love, emotions or beauty. She’s able to shape shift as well.
    Favourites/Likes*: sweet things, doves, dogs.
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: meat of any kind, radishes.
    Goals/Ambitions: To help her new family find a place in style world.
    Strengths: short fights, taking advantage of a situation, athletics,
    Weaknesses: long drawn out fights, getting into the physical stuff.
    Fears: being found out,
    Hobbies/Interests*: baking ( she’s terrible at it, but she’s learning.) , working out.
    Role: Head acrobat
    God/Goddess/hero: Aphrodite
    Aura colour: multi-coloured ( all.)
    Backstory *: Alison was the neglected daughter of two hard working parents, she left to protect her parents when she met the A Trio,
    Other: in a relationship with Alexander.
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    Name (& pronunciation). Violet Artemis. ( sy-re-nee.)
    The huntress
    Date of Birth (& age): January 15th 3090 - 17
    Place of Birth: Las Vegas
    Gender: female
    Species/Racial Origin: human and Asian-American ( Chinese)
    Social Class/Community Status: upper class.
    Language: Greek, English, several Asian languages.
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc*: Alexander ( brother) , chase ( adoptive brother.)
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: —
    Hair: straight black hair.
    Eyes: grey.
    Detailed Physical Description: violet, despite being short has a very athletic frame. Violet is a very regal looking young women, face structure wise. She’s got a very pretty smile, though she rarely shows her smile, her eyes are her most striking feature, her ears are slightly pointing.
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: Violet dresses like it’s hunting season almost all the time with sweaters, beanies leather jacket gloves and scarf. Her work outfit is a tail jacket trench coat and a white eye mask which has a crescent moon on the left side.she wears
    Personality/Attitude: Violet is a kind of grumpy teenager with most people. She doesn’t really know how to act and it’s painfully obvious. She’s a very active girl, and she likes to share that with others.
    Skills/Talents: highly trained fighter, and marksman.
    Powers: aura powers , basic magic , moon light, hunting , her domain related powers etc etc.
    Favourites/Likes*: training, Disney, her family.
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: courgettes, needles, doctors.
    Goals/Ambitions: she wants to stop the secret organisation whose making people with powers out to be evil.
    Strengths: combat.
    Weaknesses: social interaction.
    Fears: loosing everything
    Hobbies/Interests*: hunting, training, cooking
    Role: knife thrower
    God/Goddess/hero: Artemis
    Aura colour: silver
    Backstory *: raised by her elder brothers, and ,after joined by her soul twin. She was raised to obey her brothers orders for her own safety, she was trained to be able to kill.
    Other: big gay
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    Name (& pronunciation): Alexander Ares. ( Al-X) [ A-rees)
    Date of Birth (& age): August 1st 3088 - 19
    Place of Birth: Las Vegas
    Gender: male [ FtM transgender )
    Species/Racial Origin: human, Asian-American ( Chinese)
    Social Class/Community Status: upper class.
    Language: He actually knows most languages we’ll encounter with the exception of french.
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc*: Violet ( sister.) chase ( adoptive brother) spike ( dog [ Cerberus] )
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: -x-
    Hair: short black hair , partially shaved at the sides and he styled at the top.
    Eyes: red ( hides them with shades or contacts.)
    Detailed Physical Description: Despite his somewhat short height he’s incredibly muscular, something he’s been working at for years. He’s quite handsome, and has a few scars on his face. Like his sister his face is very regal. His smirk makes men and women alike swoon. He has a tattoo on his left bicep.
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: he tends to wear tank tops And jeans. He dresses in black and red with a mask. His outfit is all leather with flame decals.
    Personality/Attitude: He’s stern and strict. He’s playful. Alexander runs the circus like a military. He cares a lot for his troupe.
    Skills/Talents: he’s a skilled leader. He’s extremely skilled in combats,
    Powers: aura powers, basic magic, anything that fall under his domain
    Favourites/Likes*: his siblings, his troupe, his motorcycle
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: everything else
    Goals/Ambitions: to help free everyone.
    Strengths: physical prowess, speed, power.
    Weaknesses: he’s strategic but he’s not the best at thinking fast.
    Fears: losing everyone to the darkness.
    Hobbies/Interests*: motorcycle repair, training
    Role: ring leaders
    God/Goddess/hero: ares
    Aura colour: red
    Backstory *: He found a shaking Chase in an alley way and took him in. He raided him with its his sister. He raised hem both to listen to him above all else for their own safety. Sometimes he fears he went too far with his training.
    Other: I love him
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    Name (& pronunciation): chase Apollo (Ch-ay-ss)( a - Paul-o)
    Date of Birth (& age): January 15th 3090 17.
    Place of Birth: Las Vegas
    Gender: male
    Species/Racial Origin: human Asian-American (Korean.)
    Social Class/Community Status: upper class
    Language: like his older either, most languages with exception of German.
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc*: Alexander ( adoptive brother) violet ( adoptive sister / soul twin)
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: -x-
    Hair: blonde and kind of long ish, he keeps it tied back but has his fringe partially obscuring his left eye.
    Eyes: oddly enough his eyes are gold ( contacts make hem look brown)
    Detailed Physical Description: Like the rest of the A family, Chase is very physically fit. He has a lot of muscle, but being the reincarnation of Apollo he’s also extremely attractive. His smile , much like Alison’s is extremely attractive, and his eyes light up like the sun.
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: he dresses as if he was at the beach a lot of the time, with shorts and tank tops, usually sunglasses.
    Personality/Attitude: He’s a ray of sunshine, an absolute bundle of joy. He’s creative and intuitive. He’s clever and witty.....hopeless romantic. Oof
    Skills/Talents: turning everyone he loves romantically into plants Incredibly skilled in combat and a skilled marksman. He’s a people person, and he has a passion for music, art and bugging his family with horoscopes.
    Powers:aura powers, basic magic anything that falls under Apollo’s domain.
    Favourites/Likes*: he actually doesn’t have any favourite things since he’s so positive
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: seems to lack dislikes,
    Goals/Ambitions: he wants to prove that he deserved to be saved
    Strengths: combat, manipulation.
    Weaknesses: he has a severely fragile mental state
    Fears:’ll see.
    Hobbies/Interests*: art, music, flirting, spending time with his family,
    Role: marksman
    God/Goddess/hero: Apollo
    Aura colour: golden
    Backstory *: other than what you know about his siblings his one will stay a mystery for a bit longer.
    Other: oof
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    I need to sleep.
    I think maybe if I don’t sleep now then I can sleep normally tonight?
    I don’t know what the f--- happened but I’m unable to sleep at night, until maybe like 4am?
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    I muted a group chat for 3 days and when I come back it’s so tense but the messages have been delete delete so there’s this contextless drama that’s making me uncomfortable.
    Like it’s between two twin sisters?
    So it’s probably something petty but I’m getting caught in the middle and idk what to do.
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    I feel really bad, I’ve come back from my cruise and it’s started again. Can they just leave me alone please!
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    It was an accident, I didn’t mean to get the pain everywhere, I’ve at least figured out not to paint my hands, especially since I can’t seal the paint.
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    The new user is either a troll or like 10
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    Sometimes I worry that I’ve set my expectations too high.
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    I feel that I’ll never be good enough, and it hurts because sometimes the people I care most about seem to agree with me.
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    I’m screaming internally.
    I’ve come so far but I’m doing it again.
    I’m destroying everything I’ve worked so hard for and it’s awful and I hate myself for it.
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    So I’ve taken my first steps in developing my art?
    I picked a reference and drew it. I didn’t make anything up, I didn’t deviate.
    I listened to my art teachers advice, and I feel much better for it,
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    I’m considering learning how to sew so I can make my own cosplays in the future.
    Top of my list would be to make a proper Mom Lalonde cosplay.

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