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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I’m getting Tsumugi soon, which I’m so excited for.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I’m hoping to at least be her friend.
    She’s really cool, even though we haven’t spoken much yet,
    I’d love to get to know her more,
    I’ve never felt like this before,
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    My planet : Land of insight and radiance. ( Loiar)
    I didn’t come up with this one myself, but rather had it recommended on one of the analysis forums.
    I felt like it fit me as a person, so I went with it, at least for now.
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    My friend has hinted at sewing me the god tier for my birthday and that’s so sweet of him.
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    My session would be f---ed.

    Heir of light ( prospit, Libra)
    Knight of Hope ( prospit, virgo)
    Witch of light ( derse, Capricorn.)
    Mage of mind ( derse, Libra.)

    I mean maybe if Knight And I were trolls we might be a bit better off presuming we both had the benefits of our blood colour but like-

    It’s ironic that our strategist is an eleven year old who wants to fight everyone.
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    I find it quite nice that light is my aspect. I feel it suits me quite well?
    Probability shifting has always been something I’ve admired, Andy that’s only one part of what it represents.

    Though the level at which I can do things, according to the analysis, is f---ing terrifying.
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    I have no idea what my typing quirk would actually be?
    I don’t really have a noticeable one , though I guess I type in long paragraphs.
    I ramble, make a lot of typos and use some emojis.
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    Chumhandle I’m keeping to my self until I can make the account
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    FaerieQueen Novice
    This would definitely be my chumhandle.
    It’s an allusion to my most commonly used name ( QoF didn’t fit the naming convention.)
    It also hints at my general obsession with myths and folklore.
    Overall it’s a very nice name, that I think suits me.
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    FaerieQueen Novice
    I was talking about what our lusus would be with my friends not being entirely sure what they’d want for themselves.
    Knight wanted a wolf and Mage wasn’t entirely sure.
    He considered both snake and fox but I don’t believe he actually made a decision.

    Due to my blood colour, a lot of the forums were saying it would need to be a creature that could live both on land or in the sea.

    I decided to go with hydramum.

    There’s a few reasons.

    I originally considered a bird, since I adore birds, but found that I just didn’t think they fit me as a person.

    Im not going to fully explain it because it’s mainly bulls--- but I came up with the hydra,
    I feel that my personality is rather conflicting, like the five heads of the hydra.

    Mainly though...hydras are cool.

    Again it alludes to my mythology obsessing.
    Dragons / mythical reptiles are often seen as protective forces that can easily be antagonised and that’s something I see in myself.

    I also just feel that having a larger lusus would be nice?
    I’d be able to nap beside my hydramum, and I like that idea.
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    FaerieQueen Novice
    Okay so my strife specibus is kind of ridiculous but that’s why I love it.
    It would be an umbrella.
    I love my umbrella a lot, and I can see a lot of way to use it in a fight?
    It has a hook, it has a point, it can be used like a sword, and I mean I like it and I just think it suits me more than like a gun or a knife?
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    FaerieQueen Novice
    I’m planning on drawing myself as my god tier.

    Hey to anyone else who knows their god tier, if you’d like me to draw you I can :)
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    FaerieQueen Novice
    I can try *
    I’m not a great artist but I’m getting better
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    FaerieQueen Novice
    I’m actual trash, but i’m also hungry so bye!
    If you’d like, to talk to me when I come back you can still post in here :)
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    Paige_ Senior
    *whispers* hi

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