~A world where we can all breathe easy~

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Thread Topic: ~A world where we can all breathe easy~

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    I haven't been active on this site as much, so I'll be replying late to things too lol
    Honestly I'm not spending too much time on lots of sites rn, I'm more active on psn or facebook

    I'm doing pretty good, at least for now. I'm almost done with getting my Associates. Gonna have to get 9 more credit hours but I can get that done during summer thankfully. I've told a lot of other people so people might be getting tired of hearing this but I don't have much else going on xD

    We should play some games again sometime, I don't know what games we have in common, but we gotta have something
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    Ashl3y Senior
    don't worry! i know that life happens

    Thank you, i'll definitely put my best foot forward :)
    FACTS lmaoo
    recently, i actually got more interested in legend of zelda, and it reminded me of u !!
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    Understandable, for both of those. xD
    That's good, at least. You can definitely do it, man. I believe. No worries, first I've heard it. xD
    Indeed. cx I don't have too many multiplayer games, but I'll be sure to send a list of the ones I do have at some point.

    Thanks for being so understanding.
    Yeah, that's the kind of positive attitude I like to see! x3
    Indeed. xD
    Which ones have you played? cx
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    Thanks. Yeah, I got this. That's true xD
    I don't have too many multiplayer games either. I have Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Extreme Excorcism.
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    d_h Senior
    Mick join me in invading Canada
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    No prob. Yeah. Indeed. xD
    I have both those first two, but neither of the last two.

    What? xD
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    Maybe we can do some multiplayer sometime? I dunno, the multiplayer hasn't really worked for me on DS3 lol I can't summon anyone
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    I'd definitely be down to at some point. I know, it really is like that sometimes. xD But I think I could get it to work for us.

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