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Thread Topic: hm

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    uh oh : ( that's not good, you should really talk to your doctor about that
    idk about penis healthcare but that doesn't sound normal
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    that classroom is too loud : ( how is everyone so exuberant?
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    today seth had hamborger
    was good
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    we all have at least one song we can't help but jam to
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    yo wtf why is pirating hentai games so complicated
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    seriously though you gotta download like 5 massive files and extract it all to hell trying to decipher 50 pages of installation instructions just to watch a poorly rendered 3D anime girl with poorly animated hair jiggle her boobs around
    and honestly I'm just here for the character customization and character interaction stuff
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    breadboy69 Experienced
    Yeah mmhm SUUUURE that's what they all say
    "Just here for the character customization"

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    hey I'm still human, I'm not COMPLETELY disinterested in the hentai part

    but I'm also still Seth so I mostly just want the rest of the game

    it's fairly elaborate and could stand alone as a normal game without the eroge part but it's Japanese so. anime tiddies
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    breadboy69 Experienced
    I know I know, I'm just being mean >:)

    What is the game about, besides anime tiddies?
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    well you get to customize all these students and put them in a school and build up your relationships with them
    what I'm mainly interested in is getting the students to murder each other
    I thought it would be fun to create a game with Velcro in it and have her fall in love with Cactara and see how long it would take for her to snap
    but there are sooo many other potential scenarios I could draw up
    and the customization of the characters is pretty detailed so I could make whatever character I want, especially with the help of mods

    however, due to the size and difficulty I think I'll wait to get it all when I get my own desktop computer some day in the future
    then I can download allll the weird games I want and I have a ton in mind
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    breadboy69 Experienced
    That actually sounds like it would be a lot of fun, despite being about boobs. I would love to see you play the game, I love your characters and it would be fun to see what you do with them

    Yeah uh it's probably best to not have games like that on your school computer :(
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    I'm not worried about the school computer part since they rarely check our computers and I know kids who have done a looooot worse and gotten away with a slap on the wrist
    my concern is the tiny ass processor. it probably wouldn't be able to handle the size of the game due to it being an absolute u n i t

    besides, a lot of the resources I need to pull this off are unavailable to me due to the restrictions of the school network and I'm too lazy to jump through all those hoops when I graduate this year
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    when you think your headache is from lack of caffeine so you drink a bunch of coffee then you realize it's because you're dehydrated and you just dehydrated yourself more
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    can I get better parents pls
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    my friends complain about their parents being annoying but like. at least their parents care enough about them to feed them instead of running off with their partner and neglecting their children

    you know I got into college all by myself? my dad didn't do a single goddamn thing to help me. he never looked at colleges with me or talked to me about applying or showed any interest in my plans after high school
    most parents take their kid out to dinner or buy them something to celebrate getting in or something but my dad was just like "oh that's awesome" and then never talked about it again
    he's never very involved in my medical stuff. the only reason he's really there is to give me a ride and when I get my license he won't be involved at all

    like I make dinner every night, do the dishes and laundry, clean etc.
    my dad's only involvement in my life is as a source of money and resources like food and shelter and stuff and he's even failing on that front
    yet he still tries to act like he has any right to be upset about my transition and my life choices, especially my name change

    I got abused by my aunt because he was an alcoholic and couldn't afford to buy his own place and put us in that terrible living situation
    his girlfriend continues to emotionally abuse my sister and me and my dad has literally told us to just deal with it
    even as a protector he's failed

    I'm real upset rn

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