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    My son, let my voice fill this room one more time,

    Rehearse this line by line,

    Until I'm out of time.

    My son, can't you see that our troubles have run high?

    This is where we draw the line,

    This is where we say good-bye!

    You know what I want

    What I want, believe it or not, I've already got.

    And I know I've got to go away

    But I know it's all going to be okay.

    'Cause I know, we'll never be apart

    And all this is,

    Is a brand new start!

    And you'll wake up, my darling,

    With the light on your face.

    And the tears will all dry up,

    When you see the change.

    As you grow up, you'll realize,

    This is your time to shine

    You'll be the light of my life!

    The light of my life!

    The light of my life!

    The light of my life!
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    my favourite Rhythm Thief song
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    holy heck this is so cute
    I'm gonna sk my dad to take me to Walmart tonight and depending on the prices I may get a couple more skeins so that I can make this as well as the blanket because omg

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