This heat is killing me

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Thread Topic: This heat is killing me

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    It was pretty bad. I just hate heat. xP

    I just drank too much, I was saying I should drink less than I had. I chugged like 6 glasses lol
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    Same, I despise Summer. That excessive heat wave we had a few weeks ago was literally hell. But I recently got an AC so I'm good for the rest of the summer
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    We have AC but my dad doesn't believe in setting it lower so even if it's running the heat of the day neutralizes the cool temps

    That heat wave killed me
    I am ghost
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    ello Advanced
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    Damn, R.I.P

    I'd resurrect you but you'd probably be better off as a ghost then out here in the heat
    Plus, I'm no master at sorcery
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    I'm gonna get to sleep now. See ya guys. :)
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    Good night
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    Nuna Senior
    Sorry baby woke up...That's a lot of water to drink in like a short amount of time

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