Not gonna be on as often as I used to

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Thread Topic: Not gonna be on as often as I used to

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    therealminime Advanced
    I'm just kinda growing apart from this place. Not only that, but my friends are are never on.

    So yeah
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    sademogirl Senior
    Oh.. I'm sorry
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    KweenKitKat_ Newbie
    Just to let you know...

    I won't miss you 😂

    I'm a vivacious potato.
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    thereaIminime Novice

    I won't miss me either kid.
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    therealminime Advanced
    I've just been bored. And busy :/
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    alex3000 Senior
    Sorry man...all us 2024ers just seem to be drifting apart...
    Tge only reason im not on as much anymore is because the mobile version messes up my ability to see anything since i cant zoom in.
    That is also the reason im only making this one post until tomorrow.
    Because i have to use mobile right now.

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