Is Anyone Good at Finding the Meaning of Dreams?

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Thread Topic: Is Anyone Good at Finding the Meaning of Dreams?

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    So, I had this dream:
    Three unicorns were having a tea party in the middle of a desert. A mushroom was their tea table, but their cups and saucers and everything else was normal. Then, a monster that looked to be made entirely of peanut butter walked up. He introduced himself as Sparkle Fabulous and asked to join the party and the unicorns let him. Then, a mime came up and licked the monster. The mime announced that Sparkle Fabulous was made entirely out of plastic, not peanut butter, and skipped merrily away while the monster ran away crying. The unicorns looked upset by that and nevertheless went on with their tea. Then, a turkey wearing a monocle and a beaver walked up to their table. "I haven't seen you in a while, old chap!" announced the turkey to one of the unicorns, then threw a sparkler, like one would use on the 4th of July, at the beaver, which promptly burst into flames and that was it.

    If you think you know what this means, could you please tell me? It seems like it would be pretty important, if dreams have any meaning at all.
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    Dark22978 Senior
    The meaning is that unicorns are real. :I And people have feelings. 'Tis not true but let me enjoy my moment of stupidity.
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    slytherin queeen Experienced
    You have Eye cancer.
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    @Dark I wish unicorns were real...

    @sq Do I detect a note of sarcasm?
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    It means you have an active imagination and are probably obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.

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    Marz Novice
    enough with the sarcasm guys dreams are always weird
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    The Geek Experienced
    It means your a lesbian hooka :D
  • Lesbo Newbie
    Watcha doing tonight killjoy baby ;D

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