Make random posts about what you listen to

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Thread Topic: Make random posts about what you listen to

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    Just listening Hedwing's Theme all over again (100 times a day). IT FEELS LIKE HOME!
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    Keyboard Junior
    Haven’t Met You Yet~ Michael Buble

    Lose You To Love Me~ Selena Gomez
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    pAsTeL cLoWn Newbie
    Panic Room ~ Au/Ra
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    Gacha_Summer Newbie
    I can name 160 songs, but that would be too long-

    Legends never Die-League of Legends
    Recipe for Me-Thomas Sanders
    Breathin’-Thomas Sanders
    Midnight in Me-Legend of Everfree
    Flawless-My Little Pony
    Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing-Set it Off
    I Kissed a Girl-Katy Perry
    Up-Star Darlings
    Truth or Dare-Emily Osment
    Older-Sasha Sloan
    Candy Store-Heathers
    Good for You-Dear Evan Hansen

    That’s not even half of them-
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    WeirdWaylon Advanced
    Ego- Tribe Society
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    WeirdWaylon Advanced
    Revenge, and a little more- Unlike Pluto
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    LittleApple Advanced
    Witchcraft- Bohnes
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    Jayfeather310 Senior
    if you could only see ♡ tonic
    which you were here ♡ pink floyd
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    Keyboard Junior
    Good Things Fall Apart - llenium and Jon Bellion
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    Sword Akira Advanced
    First of the Year (Equinox) by Skrillex

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