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Thread Topic: Favorite Bands

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    scolionophobia Experienced
    one direction, all
    panic! at the disco, all
    jls- take a chance on me
    ed sheeran- drunken
    mario- you should let me love you
    taylor swift- you belong with me, we are never getting back together
    and i cant believe i'm saying this but,
    big time rush- no idea
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    DarkWolf666 Novice
    Iron maiden!
    My chemical romance
    Black veil brides
    Drowning pool
    Linkin park
    Tenacious D
    And basically everything rock, rock n roll, and metal ^_^
  • Hookstrajl Newbie
    Blood On The Dance Floor is the best.
  • meerkat Novice
    Three days grace-all songs by themXD

    skillet-monster,hero,comatose,the last night+more

    Hollywood undead-tear it up,coming back down,we are,hear me now,another way out+more

    adele-skyfall,chasing pavements,turning tables,someone like you+others

    Jaqee lee-house of the rising sun

    A Day To Remember-Im made of wax larry what are you made of?,right back at it again,sometimes youre the hammer sometimes youre the nail,end of me,NJ Legion ice tea+more

    Rihanna+Eminem-monster,love the way you lie

    One Republic-secrets

    and tons of other music

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