What do you think of Demi Lovato?

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Thread Topic: What do you think of Demi Lovato?

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    BTRfreak Novice
    I love her songs
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    LeahM Junior
    I must admit, ever since I've departed from Disney she (and the Jonas Brothers) are arguably the two least Disney stereotyped, credible, good artists.
    And, yes, her songs are really good!
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    PuPpYxoxo Novice
    I dont listen to her that much, but her songs are good.
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Honestly, I've never heard her work, so I have no negative things to say about her. :3
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    waterlover999 Novice
    i dont like her show which died but i do like her music
  • TraptAlone Novice

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