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Thread Topic: Random lyrics from songs

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    BTRfreak Novice
    Dynomite - Tio Cruise (Idk if I spelled his name right.)
    "We're gonna rock this club we're gonna go all night we're gonna light this club like it's dynomite. 'Cause I told you once now I told you twice we're gonna light this club like it's dynomite!"
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    Teresa22 Novice
    @BTR Taio Cruz - Dynamite
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    BTRfreak Novice
    @Tess oh thanks. My class has been making me stupid lately.
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    Teresa22 Novice
    Skyscraper - Demi Lavato
    "You can take everything I have,
    You can break everything I am.
    Like I'm made of glass,
    Like I'm made of paper.
    Go on and try to tear me down,
    I will be rising from the ground,
    Like a skyscraper,
    Like a skyscraper. . ."
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    Sisi Experienced
    I like it like that! Hey windows down, chillin' with the radio on. I like it like that, Damn, sun's so hot, make the girls take it all off I like it like that! Yeah, one more time, I can never get enough. Oh, everybody, sing it right back, I like it like that!

    I Like It Like That- Hot Chelle Rae
    I be listening to this song in Summer of '12
  • art and music Newbie
    Green Day last of the American girls the whole song feels like it's talking about me (:
  • InfinityGAL Newbie
    All I Want For Christmas Is You - Bigtimerush

    "I don't want alot for Christmas there's just one thing I need, I don't care about the presents underneith the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own more then you could ever know, make my wish come true all I want for Christmas----is you!"
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    Swiftyfan Novice
    Fly - Nicki Minaj
    "I am not fly I am levitation
    I represent an entire generation
    I hear the critism loud and clear
    That is how I know the time is near"
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    Teresa22 Novice
    For The First Time - The Script
    "Smiling, but we're close to tears
    Even after all these years"
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    Abby12 Novice
    Invisable - Jonas Brothers

    "I can feel you all around, in the silence I hear the sound, of your footsteps on the ground, And my heart slows down, so now I'm....I'm waiting for the moonlight, so I can find you in this perfect dream. Don't think you can hide there in the shadows girl your not invisable!"
  • and i'll ascend up to the moon and i will kill among the stars i'll find out what death is like on jupiter and mars ascend benn
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    Moyashi Advanced
    Why the hell is everyone posting lyrics? :/

    Gackt - Ghost
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    Moyashi Advanced
    Oh I see why, Mo tapped on wrong forum. .3.
    Means I'm tired. I guess I'll post some Engrish from that song.

    Until were allowed to be free
    Agonize over the inserted plug
    Reach out your hand even farther, heal me furiously, I beg you
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    Teresa22 Novice
    Hit The Lights - Selena Gomez and The Scene
    "It's the time that you totally screwed up
    Still you try to get it out of your brain
    It's the fight you had when you didn't make up
    It's the past that you're dying to change"
    From different parts in the song
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    Teresa22 Novice
    Nothing - The Script
    "Am I better off dead?
    Am I better off a quitter?"

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