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Thread Topic: Adele

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    Alana Experienced
    her voice ish amazing... i wish i had that talent. but i'm more of a linkin park/green day/ rock singin gurll :P
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    I like music Senior
    OMG agreed! Her voice is so angelic! Moi Moi true talent! ^^
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    Sammywich Novice
    definitely. her voice has a soothing touch, doesn't it? she has true talent that is so hard to find these days. :)
  • Loverebeccah Novice
    omg i love Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You
    and were about to get the adele album!
    and btw Alana i like your pic there :DD
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    gaby400 Junior
    She may be fat, but she's a great singer.
  • Tara Renae Newbie
    I've never really liked her. I think her voice is annoying :/
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    Carri04 Senior
    Kinda the same with Tara, some of her songs are good and all but her voice kind of irks me.
  • CuteeStuff Novice
    My middle name is Adele.:)
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    tomboykaitie Senior
    Chasing Pavements is a good song...
  • You know how people say she's fat (which is very rude and untrue, When music producers told Adele to loose weight this is her response "I write music for ears not eyes."
    That is very deep and true. Different is better, she's not those celebrities that starve themselves. (: She's inspiration.
  • SallyDoll Newbie
    I like Rolling In The Deep. But yay,she has a beautiful voice.
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    and now, i hate her.

    why? rolling in the deep is on the radio 24/7

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    name Junior
    @Ting - IKR?!
  • dont like adeles music but pretty name
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    Biance Advanced
    I hate how Rolling In The Deep is played 24/but I still love the song :3

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